Posted by : Selena Lie Saturday, 31 December 2016

侵食レンアイ~case02 中原奏多~
Shinshoku Renai~case02 Nakahara Kanata~

CV : Yanesen (谷根千) a.k.a Watanabe Hiroshi (渡辺紘) as Nakahara Kanata (中原奏多)
At least, I recognized his voice similar with Watanabe-san. But if I’m wrong, please correct me ^^

Release date : 2016.11.25

Label : BULLET

320kb without booklet
Thank you to Anon-san for the files ^^

Track list :
01 告白
02 特別な感情
03 心と身体
04 二度目の告白
05 侵食
06 Secret Track

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  1. Oh thank you~!
    this is New Year's present~XD

    And I also thought this seiyuu-san may be Watanabe Hiroshi listening voice sample...
    Well, let's check once again listening his voice more~^0^

  2. thank you!!!~~
    happy new year^_^

  3. thank you!!!~~
    happy new year^_^

  4. you're right! yanesan is watanabe hiroshi's r18 alias


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