Posted by : Selena Lie Monday, 6 March 2017

Adult Direction 監督編
Adult Direction Kantoku Hen

CV : Yotsuya Cider (四ツ谷サイダー) a.k.a Okitsu Kazuyuki (興津和幸) as Kouji Akira (柑子晃)

Release date : 2016.06.30

Label : HolicWorks

320kb without booklet

Credit for the file goes to CH-san. Thank you so much ^^
If someone has the HOBiGIRLS tokuten, please exchange it with us :)

Track list :
01 蜜柑とマグロ
02 秘密デート
03 夢と目標
04 自惚れ
05 体温
06 晃

Stellaworth Tokuten

Thank you to Choco-san for the files ^^

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  1. Okitsu is kinda cutie in this CD!XD

  2. Yey i've been listening to this and i loved
    Thank you for sharing the files ^^


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