Posted by : Selena Lie Saturday, 5 October 2013

十三支演義 ~偃月三国伝~

Cast :
石田 彰 as 劉備 Akira Ishida sebagai Liu Bei
岡本 信彦 as 張飛 Okamoto Nobuhiko sebagai Zhang Fei
鈴村 健一 as 趙雲 Suzumura Kenichi sebagai Zhao Yun
鳥海 浩輔 as 曹操 Toriumi Kosuke sebagai Cao Cao
鈴木 達央 as 夏侯惇 Suzuki Tatsuhisa sebagai Xiàhóu dūn
遊佐 浩二 as 張遼 Koji Yusa sebagai Zhang Liao
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  1. Thank you very much! c:
    please upload it on mf or baidu 4shared don't work for me! T_T

  2. can you upload on mf or baidu please >///////<!!!!!!!!

  3. 4share is not working, can you please upload with baidu or mf? Really appreciate it.

  4. I really like it! 張遼 is my favourite~~~>////< his voice is very sexy haha

  5. Files are protected with password, could you please share it? I tried all your passwords but it didn't work..

    1. Password: pleasurerena87
      It's worked with me

  6. I'm Sorry, but can you upload it on MF or Solidfile? 4Shared keep corrupted and stopped in the middle of downloading, and it always failed no matter how many time i try to restart download it from beginning.


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