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背中合わせの恋 2
Release Date: 2013/05/29

寺島拓篤×松岡禎丞 | 緑川光×神谷浩史
Terashima takuma x Matsuoka Yoshitsugu | Midorikawa Hikaru x Kamiya hiroshi 

藤崎一弥:寺島拓篤 Fujisaki Kazuya: Terashima takuma
二階堂文人:松岡禎丞  Nikaidō Fumito: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu 
笹本那智:神谷浩史 Sasamoto Nachi: Kamiya hiroshi 
栗栖神:緑川 光 Kurisu kami: Midorikawa Hikaru
芹沢涼介:関俊彦 Serizawa Ryōsuke: Seki toshihiko
三津彦:代永翼 Mizuno Yoshihiko : Yonaga tsubasa 
四谷紫苑:羽多野渉 Yotsuya Shion: Hatano wataru
池田五朗:鈴木達央 Ikeda Gorō: Suzuki tatsuhisa

Part01 | Part 02 |  BK
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  1. oh my god, I knew there had to be a second volume! \(⋩⊿⋨)/
    thank you so much Selena, this is my favorite BLCD series. <3

  2. There's a text file with some unreadable text in the baidu link provided though. Would you happened to know what was required?

  3. Thank you very much! I listened to vol. 1 recently and really wanted a continuation, it couldn't end like that~ *g*

    Thanks again!

    1. I also only get a text file when I open the archive.
      Can you maybe upload a working version? Thanks :)

  4. The file doesn't exist anymore Q___Q
    Can you please re-upload it to MF?

    Thank you for sharing :3

  5. is the file upload yet... i cant find it

  6. When will you finish re-upload it?

  7. I never thought this series have continuation ;A; thank you for sharing!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Is this series based on manga?? O ω O)

  10. Thank you soooo much Selena! I've been waiting for this!! You're the best of the best! X3

  11. Thank you Selena.... This is one of my favorite....
    You are the BEST!!!!
    Btw, do you know where to download the insert song?
    The song that both Nachi and Shin gives to Ichiya as birthday present...the song is very nice...
    Again, Thank You for posting this CD Drama Link...
    I'm looking forward to the next one.... ^___^

  12. I can not download the links, why ?

  13. can you fix part 1? I can't download it :|


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