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憧れのデートCDシリーズ vol.1 ツンデレ俺様と魅惑の海外旅行プランニング
Akogare no Deeto CD Shiriizu vol 1 Tsundere Ore-sama to Miwaku no Kaigai Ryokou Puranningu

Cast : Kishio Daisuke (岸尾だいすけ)

320kb without booklet

Track list :
01. お前、本当好きだな。俺のこと
02. ずっと俺だけのペットでいればいいんだよ
03. そんな姿、他の男には見せるなよ!
04. バーカ……おいで。
05. こいつは、俺のだ。
06. んじゃ、お前からキスしろ
07. おまけ
08. おまけ
09. おまけ
10. おまけ
11. おまけ
12. おまけ
13. おまけ
14. フリートーク
15. おまけのおまけ
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  1. Thank you!!! I love this Drama CD! <3

  2. Thank you so so much!!!! Kiscio Daisuke >////<

  3. oh thank you for the upload! :3

    1. errr forgot to ask what is this drama cd about? :D

    2. haven't listened to the cd yet, but the title says "planning an abroad trip with a tsundere ore-sama character".

    3. I'm just finished listened to it ~♪
      Something like doing the planning and preparation for the abroad trip owo
      But there's no story about when you do the trip ; ω ; )o. (End when you're at the airport)
      But I kinda like ore-sama character so I guess this is okay :nod:

  4. Oh I was going to ask what this cd was about haha
    Sounds pretty interesting thanks for letting us know (●´∀`●)

  5. thank you for upload this cd
    Love it and love you too :D

  6. Thank you so much!


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