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おしおきセールスマン忌野狂助 『第一話 快楽哀歌』
Oshioki Seerusuman Imawano Kyousuke 『Dai ichi wa Kairaku Aika』
Scenario : 大野やよい 
Illustration : ガム

Release date : 10 May 2013

Cast :
Hirai Tatsuya (平井達矢) a.k.a Hirakawa Daisuke as Imawano Kyousuke
Yotsuya Saidaa (四ツ谷サイダー) a.k.a Okitsu Kazuyuki as Motegi Kamui

For anyone who will know after listening, Hirai Tatsuya is, yes, Hirakawa Daisuke ^.^

By the way, this is BLCD. And I’d absolutely rate this as R18.

P.S : I'm not sure is this file work well or not. So if someone already download it, please tell me the result. Thank you ^^

320kb without booklet

Track list :
01 Contact
02 Chasten
03 Bad End
04 おまけ

Tokuten :
01 テーマトーク
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  1. Hi! Thanks for uploading this. ^^ It works for me : )

  2. It works OK! Thanks a lot!

  3. Yotsuda Saidaa is Okitsu Kazuyuki from Taisho Mebiusline :D (finally his uke role I guess)

  4. The download does not seem to work for me? When I dl it, it says 'unexpected end of archive' and only contains track 1

    1. OK nevermind I got the correct dl from a different computer so the problem is with my machine

  5. thanks a lot!! :D

  6. thanks for sharing!
    20 minutes porn inside O_O

  7. it doesn't work :(

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Do you know anyone with a translation?

  10. can i ask for the password? Thank you!

  11. Is there a continuation??

  12. where can i find the eng subtitle? i love this create but just know little about the meaning :(

  13. That was... incredible ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆


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