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オネェCD ~ファッション誌編集長・ジョージ~

JAN 4560372441529
Release Date: 2012/12/19

Kondō takashi (Tōgō Jōji)

192kb, no booklet
Password : pleasurerena87
uploaded by Rena


1 オカマじゃなくて、オネェなの! 
2 やる気のある子? 大好きよ♪ 
3 可愛い部下とのコミュニケーションもバッチリよ! 
4 仕事は楽しくこなしてなんぼでしょ? 
5 アタシだって、たまには怒っちゃうんだから! 
6 苦しいときのオネェ頼みって言うでしょ。え? 言わない? 
7 たまには二人で語り合いましょうよ♪ 
8 仕事終りのお酒って最高っ! 
9 誰にだってヒミツはあるわよね......ウフフ♪ 
10 サービスしちゃうわよ? (フリートーク) (Bonus Track)

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  1. In case anyone's interested in the story behind this one, there's a radio talkshow where people can get advice from a kindly onee (older sister) type host. What most don't know, and what you find out, is that this 'older sister' isn't really all she seems to be.

    By which I mean she's a dude.

    1. Yup, 'she' is a 'dude' XD

      The second one will be Toriumi Kousuke. I've been listening to the sample, now I'm dying to listen the full version hehehe


  2. Thank you for uploading this, I've been wanting to listen to this for months.

  3. Thanks a lot~

  4. Hahahaha~ The title caught my eye so I downloaded it and I simply love it!!! XDD Thanks for uploading!!


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