Posted by : Selena Lie Friday, 5 April 2013

Mikkai~Secret Tryst 4
密会-secret tryst-vol.4 ~契約は秘密の夜に~
Release Date: March 29, 2013

CV : Ookawa Tooru

320kb, no booklet
Password : pleasurerena87
uploaded by Rena

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  1. Eee, I don't know where Rena-san buys all her drama CDs, but I'd love to know. (There are SO MANY CDs that I'd love to buy and upload for you guys, but getting things shipped to the US seems almost impossible)

    So...Rena, if you're reading this, could you either tell us where you buy your CDs from, or maybe let us send you some money to buy and upload some specific CDs? :D

    1. and can ship overseas :)

    2. Awesome! :D

    3. Unfortunately, I did try to look up Drama CDs I've been interested to buy in both of those sites, as well as others, but I did not find them - is there any other site selling Drama CDs overseas?

      Also, thanks for this CD, I have been looking forward to it, love Okawa's voice =D

    4. I'm actually glad there's no way for me to buy any CDs from Japan. otherwise, I'd be a hobo long, long time ago. :I

    5. Oh, don't get me wrong. I mean, it's not like I want to be broke. But there are certain series/CDs that for whatever reason, not many people are interested in enough to upload (like the latest Ojisama Senka). I know my tastes differ from a lot of people and I'd rather not miss out on a CD just because nobody else uploaded it.

      Plus, I've downloaded so many drama CDs by this point that it'd be nice to give something back to you guys. ^_^

    6. oh, yes, I understand what you mean. but what I'm saying is, if I had an opportunity to buy drama CDs, I probably wouldn't be able to stop at just a few unpopular ones. ;u; honestly, I don't understand how otome-tachis survive in Japan, considering how many amazing things they sell there, aside from the drama CDs...

    7. also can ship overseas (for cds). but, the shipping cost is very high.
      I usually buy from cdjapan but they only have popular titles.

    8. I myself rarely buy one, unless I really, really want it. Because if I buy one, I'll want to buy the other. My wallet will start bleeding if I do that ^^;

      As Selena-san wrote, the shipping cost is very high. It's one of the problem if I want to buy drama CD.

      I usually found what I want from internet. So, Anonymous,what kind of drama CD that you're searching? If I have it, I can upload it for you ^^

      For your information, I got all those drama CD from Selena-san. I'd only help her to upload it on MF because she haven't got chance to do that. Thank you, Selena-san <3


    9. (Sorry for the slow reply)

      Truth is, the two CDs I'm trying hardest to find right now are ojisan CDs. XD

      There's the latest Ojisama Senka (No 7 I think), which came out sometime a few weeks ago, and then there's a sequel to Watashi no Shitsuji: On Mild Taste called On Bitter Taste, starring Fujiwara Keiji.

      If anyone comes across either of 'em, I'd be much obliged.

    10. I have ojisama senka 7. I will try to upload it.

    11. Really? Thankyou.

    12. Haha, another ojisan lover, I feel like asking your identity because I feel the same as you having difficulty in finding such releases =_=;;
      Hitorijime Vol. 2 is also voiced by Fujiwara and I haven't had luck finding it either.

    13. By the way, Selena, I browsed Amazon for drama CDs, but for some titles I am presented with a "We're sorry; this item can not be shipped outside Japan" message, either way, the shipping is very unrealistic, asking like 5000Y to ship a 2000Y CD.
      The only way to get such CDs might be resorting to shopping services...

    14. Hitorijime 2's not gonna be out for another couple days; it's actually supposed to be released on the 10th of this month. I've got to say I'm looking forward to it, FujiKei+Butler+Yandere=Possibly mindblowing, IMO. ^_^

      As for my identity, I could probably add/message you on a site like Tumblr/Blogspot once my blog's actually up and running, if it's okay with you. (Been in kind of a slump lately.)

    15. Actually, I do have a blog, you can contact me through the ask form there, everything you type in it will be viewable only to myself =D

    16. Oh, wow, Selena-san, if u uploaded ojisenka7 that would tottaly make my day.

  2. Arigatou, Selena-san!


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