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恋愛確率1% オネエに恋して
Renai Kakuritsu 1% Onee ni Koishite

CV : Chasuke (茶介) a.k.a Katou Masayuki (加藤将之) as Takagi Yoshito (高城美斗)

Release date : 2018.09.26

Label : Gold

Thank you to Garden-san for the files ^^
As per-request from Garden-san, please do not re-upload or re-share the files elsewhere.
Track list :
01 みとちゃんとランチ
02 コスメ売り場にて
03 告白
04 忘れるための条件
05 せめてひとときの夢を
06 気まずい朝の後の話
07 呼び出し
08 ふたりの関係~嫉妬
09 みとちゃんの告白
10 オネエな彼と

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  1. YEEEEEEAAAAAAhaysuusueuw thank you!!!

  2. Hey Rena! Do you perhaps have Dark Night Princess オズの魔法使い? I've been wanting it for ages, but I can't purchase the CD from Japan. I'd be interested even in paying for it, if necessary

    1. I will need to check my HDD first. Could you please email me tomorrow if I haven't reply you? In case I forget ^^;


  3. Thank you for this! <33 I can't wait to listen to this.


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