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アプローチ 抱かれた相手はライバルの男
Apuroochi Dakareta Aite wa Raibaru no Otoko

CV : Itsuka Tenhou (五日天峰) a.k.a Terashima Junta (寺島惇太) as Fujie Harumi (藤江晴海)

Release date : 2017.01.18

Label : Kzentertainment

320kb without booklet
Credit for the file goes to Shizuka-san. Thank you so much ^^
Searching for the Stellaworth tokuten. If you have it and willing to exchange it with the Animate tokuten, feels free to email me ^^

Track list :
01 バーでの出会いと一夜
02 「藤江晴海」という男
03 敵情視察
04 コンペ前の電話
05 もう帰さない
06 未来の設計図

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  1. MY KAWAII Terashima Junta~~333
    ARIGATO Shizuka-san~~☆

  2. *instant fangirl squeal* thank you very very much for sharing! X3

  3. I have not heard his CD yet, so I'm looking forward to it!

  4. Thank you for sharing, Shizuka-san :)


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