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Sweets Blossom After story 純也編
Sweets Blossom After story Junya Hen

CV : Aoshima Yaiba (青島刃) a.k.a Narita Ken (成田剣) as Takasaka Junya (高坂純也)

Release date : 2016.12.21

Label : Milky Chain

Credit for the file goes to Shizuka-san. Thank you so much ^^

Track list :
01 いつもと少し違う朝
02 純也のスランプ
03 今朝の約束
04 スイーツデート
05 家族って?
06 決意の時
07 眠れぬ夜に
08 二人の再出発

Stellaworth Tokuten
Credit for the file goes to Minicyl-san. Thank you so much ^^

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  1. Shizuka-san! I'm so happy XD

  2. Selenaさん~
    The link of Kare Pillow 14特典 can't not found!
    and you forget R18 teg
    Thanks for everything^^ Have a good day~

  3. Junya After!
    It is take one year for Milky Chain to released this CD
    Thank you so much!!!

  4. Ohh~ lovely Junyaaaaa Tw T ♡ Thank you !!!!!!!

  5. Ahhhh Junyaaa it's finally heeeere! X3 Thank you thank you!


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