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Switching?! 2nd! 02 桃井歩の場合
Switching?! 2nd! 02 Momoi Ayumu no Baai

CV : Amano Haru (天野晴) a.k.a Tamaru Atsushi (田丸篤志) as Momoi Ayumu (桃井歩)

Release date : 2016.09.28

Label : Milkychain

320kb without booklet
Credit for the file goes to Sherry-san. Thank you so much ^^

As request from Sherry-san, please DO NOT re-upload or re-share to another place. Want to share this to your friend? Just link them back to here.

Track list :
01. ふたりでならんで
02. 撫でるの禁止!
03. 朝ごはん
04. ナイショ
05. 小さな彼の大太鼓
06. ...撫でたい?
07. 過去のこと、未来のこと

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  1. thank you!! much appreciated ;w;

  2. Thank you sooooo much!! XD

    1. The file is deleted.
      Can you restore it?


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