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Love Tranquilizer~キミだけが知っている~AH 竹宮 由貴
Love Tranquilizer~Kimi dake ga Shitteiru~AH Takemiya Yuki

CV : Murakami Tatsuya (村上たつや) a.k.a Takeuchi Ken (武内健) as Takemiya Yuki (竹宮由貴)

Release date : 2016.06.29

Label : Hanakagami

320kb without booklet
Credit for the file goes to CH-san. Thank you so much ^^
If someone have the koushiki tokuten, please exchange it with us ^^

Track list :
01 新生活は甘い痛み
02 本日、要外泊届け
03 欠乏と逢瀬
04 疑心初期症状
05 陰り
06 オブラートの中の真実
07 未来への潜伏期間

Thank you to Lucia-san for the Tokuten files ^^

Stellaworth Tokuten

Official Tokuten

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  1. I have its Stellaworth tokuten, not an official...
    If you guys want, I'll share my stellaworth tokuten!

    1. yes please. mail me:

    2. I emailed you with a link address, check it out!:)

  2. I think that Stellaworth Tokuten is wrong.
    ST Tokuten for "AH 竹宮 由貴" is "「ホテル編」".
    "「保健室編」" is ST Tokuten for "Pt.2 竹宮 由貴", isn't it?


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