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I usually using IDM (Internet Download Manager) to download.
Some friends asking me what should she do, because their download suddenly stopped (that's very frustrating  if their download almost done).
I will share some trick. I like using Chrome, so I made this tutorial is using Chrome browser. If I have time, I will update for others browser.

First! Make sure you have IDM. If you doesn't have it, you doesn't need this tutorial XD 
You can search it on google. I usually download from filehippo.

What if IDM cannot automatically download the files I download?
First, check your IDM setting. Make sure you already "checked" your web browser.
1. Open "Option" window

2. Check the browser you used, then click OK

What if I already set it, but IDM still won't capture my download?
So you need to put it on IDM manually ^^
1. Open your browser download window (or -usually- press ctrl+J) and cancel your download.

2. Right click on its link address (the blue one), then choose "Copy link address"

3. Open your IDM, click "Add URL" and paste your link there (usually it automatically paste). Then 
click OK

Okay, I can add the link, but it wont start, what should I do?
Depends from errors you got.
Is it something like this? (sorry I don't have others screen capture, since it unpredictably)

Check your internet connection. If no problem with it, try one of this options:
  1. Resume your download:
    Click resume or right click then choose "Resume Download"
  2. Add URL again manually (see tutorial above)

My download suddenly stopped! What should I do?
Sometimes it time out or your download address already expired.
Don't worry if the file hosting is resume-able, you doesn't need to download it again from beginning.
timeout when download from baidu 

the link download is expired
To resume you download, follow this step:
  1. Refresh the download address
    Right click on your download, then choose "Refresh download address"
  2. This window will appear, click ok

    then this will appear. don't close it!
  3. It will open the file hosting web where you download it. Then just click download as usual (see download tutorial)
  4. You will got new download link. Click Yes.

    then this will appear. Click OK
  5. Resume you download again

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