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Ringo ni Hachimitsu

Cast :
Maeno Tomoaki (前野智昭) X Hino Satoshi (日野聡)

Release date : 2011.01.26

320kb with booklet plus raw manga scan for track 03-08

Hmm, how should I explain this…
Track 01-02 in this drama CD are coming from one manga called “Ringo ni Hachimitsu” chapter 01-02. But track 03-08 are coming from manga called “Kare no Bara Iro no Jinsei” that actually a sequel from “Ringo ni Hachimitsu”.
In case you guys never read the manga, here’s the download link for it :
Kare wa Bara Iro no Jinsei :
You guys can either read the manga first to understand the story better, or you guys can read the manga while you listen to the drama CD.

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  1. Selena-San~ The title of the manga in English is 'Kare no Bara Iro no Jinsei' (彼のバラ色の人生)! ^.^
    correct typos~plz~^-^

    1. Ups, wrong typo >.<

      Thanks for correcting, Lucia-san ^^


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. thank you so much.
    i really love this manga :D
    hinocchi is perfect w

  4. i think the mega link is broken. .

  5. Thank you, this manga was good ^^

  6. ありがとうございます!!


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