Posted by : Selena Lie Tuesday, 12 June 2018

DIABOLIK LOVERS 5th Eternal Blood 01

CV : Sakurai Takahiro (櫻井孝宏) as Mukami Ruki (無神ルキ)

Release date : 2017.12.27

Label : Rejet


Thank you to Haru-san for the files ^^

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  1. Thank you Haru-san and Rena-san for sharing!~ >3<

  2. Thank you so so much Haru-san for bring this one here T_T OMG i been waiting for so long to see this one T_T because i cant support this and i was dying so badly for this T_T <3 you guys deserve heaven for sure T_T

  3. Thank you so much!!!
    Been waiting for this one :D

  4. ありがとうございます!

  5. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
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  6. Kyaa!! I need more Diabolik Lovers. Thank you!! Please post if you have Para Selene volume 7 <333 Thank you! Love you!

  7. omg thank you so much~ ahh I've been waiting for this one! I hope you guys do they others too, even if you don't it's still fine! My best boi is here~


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