Posted by : Selena Lie Thursday, 17 May 2018

Rouge et Noir Eye in the Sky

CV : Takatori Rei (鷹取玲)

Release date : 2017.08.30

Label : Hanakagami

Credit for the file goes o Baobaofong-san. Thank you so much ^^

Baobaofong-san gave us the Stellaworth Tokuten also. So if someone have the Animate/Official Tokuten and willing to exchange, feels free to contact me ^^
Track list :
1. Surrender
2. Isolate
3. Marginal Hand
4. Aggressive
5. Cold Deck
6. Palming
7. Shuffle
8. Straight Forward

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  1. Thank you a million times!!

  2. omg! i have waiting for this! TYSM!!

  3. Thank you so much for this!! ♥

  4. Thanks so so so much for this! :D

  5. Could you please post the Stella Stellaworth Tokuten please? Thank you so much!


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