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課外授業 2時間目「共有結合」化学講師 相沢俊樹 
Kagai Jugyou 2-jikan-me 「Kyouyuu Ketsugou」 Kagaku Koushi Aizawa Toshiki

CV : Sawa Mannaka (佐和真中) a.k.a Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも) as Aizawa Toshiki (相沢俊樹)

Release date : 2016.12.09

Label : Entremets


Thank you to Kanako-san for the files ^^
Please do not re-upload or re-share the files elsewhere without ask for permission first.

Track list :
01 無機物質
02 不可逆反応
03 酸化還元反応
04 物質の三態
05 共有結合

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  1. ahhh thank you Kanako-san and Rena!!

  2. Thank you so much for posting!!!!

  3. I love this series with all of the seiyuu haha (˚▽˚) thank you Kanako-sama, Rena-sama!! <3

  4. Slowly building my collection of Masatomo-san's CDs X3 Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Kyaaaa This one... (/ε\*) Thank you very much for sharing!


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