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Tiny lovely days -タイニーラブリーデイズ-

CV : Itsuka Tenhou (五日天峰) a.k.a Terashima Junta (寺島惇太) as Nagayama Hiroto (永山大翔)

Release date : 2016.09.28

Label : Tunaboni

320kb without booklet
Credit for the file goes to Sherry-san. Thank you so much ^^

As per request from Sherry-san, please do not re-upload/re-share this to another place.

Track list :
01. 駅にいるよ
02. 大丈夫?
03. ひさしぶりの彼の部屋
04. がんばって
05. 大翔のピンチ
06. なんとか切り抜けました
07. おつかれさまでした!
08. 朝までずっと一緒
09. あなたと私で完成する形

Thank you to Choco-san for the files ^^


Thank you to Choco-san for the files ^^

Stellaworth Tokuten

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  2. Thank you very very much! Can't wait to listen X3

  3. The first link is broken. Can't access it :(

  4. Sorry, but the first link leading to main CD is broken. Can it be fixed? Thank you!


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