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えねみーかっぷりんぐ♪すてっぷ 03 狼・大神真
Enemy Coupling♪Step 03 Ookami・Oogami Makoto

CV : Higeuchi Waruta (髭内悪太) a.k.a Takeuchi Ryota (髭内悪太) as Oogami Makoto (大神真)

Release date : 2016.07.13

Label : Milky Chain

320kb without booklet

Credit for the file goes to Sherry-san. Thank you so much ^^

As per request from Sherry-san, please do not re-upload/re-share this to another place.

Track list :
01. 狼と羊の三か月前
02. 大人の仮面
03. 愛を語る牙
04. 「いつもの」 始まり
05. 新しい生活
06. 並んで、一緒にステップ

Thank you to Choco-san for the files ^^

Stellaworth Tokuten

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  1. Thank you so much! But, the page don't exist :(

  2. Thank you but the link doesn't work for the main cd :(

  3. I can't seem to access the link for the main cd as well

  4. Thank you for reuploading! <3


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