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Dark Night Princess 03 シンデレラ
Dark Night Princess 03 Cinderella

Cast :
Sawa Mannaka (佐和真中) a.k.a Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)
Tetrapod Noboru (テトラポット登) a.k.a Furukawa Makoto (古川慎)

Release date : 2016.06.22

Label : Snowdrop

320kb without booklet
Credit for the file goes to Rina-san. Thank you so much ^^
As requested from Rina-san, please do not re-upload or re-share the files on another place.
Track list :
01 二人の義兄
02 秘密の遊び
03 義兄たちに愛されて
04 溺れていく身体
05 いつかは王子様か?
06 宝物の守り方
07 ガラスの靴なんていらない
08 心に繋がれたのは
09 シークレットトラック

Credit for the file goes to Glagratan-san. Thank you so much ^^
Animate Tokuen

Stellaworth Tokuten

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  1. Rena, want to ask if the link are wrong ? when i click on them, it show Kyuuketsuki Naito series instead of Dark Night series

  2. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. *blushes madly* Thank youu SOO MUCH!! Those voices are like a perfect fusion xD ... Would it be possible you upload the Tokutens too? Please?? :D !!

  4. thankyou sooo muuucchhhh for this!!

  5. My two fav seiyuus!!! Thank you so much!!! 😭

  6. Ahhh! I've been waiting for this! Thank you so, so much!! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

  7. thank u so much! my life is a bite happy after this! ♥

  8. Thanks for the tokutens Glagratan-san and Rena-san!

  9. Aah~ Tetrapod Noboru-san!♥
    Thank you so, so much!♥♥


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