Posted by : Selena Lie Thursday, 15 September 2016

SEXual Philia vol.2~和~
SEXual Philia vol.2~Nodoka~

CV : Domon Atsushi (土門熱)a.k.a Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也) as Nodoka (和)

Release date : 2016.08.12

Label : Black Butterfly

320kb without booklet

Thank you to Lucia-san for the files ^^

Track list :
1.spend the night together reply「うん」
3.Do you know how much I love you? reply「まだ心の準備が……」

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  1. Yey... another of Satou Takuya R-18 i'm waiting for another takku-chan R-18 thank you Rena-san and Lucia-san for sharing the file

  2. waaaah new one from Satou Takuyaaaa <3 Arigatouuuuu ! Hontou ni !!

  3. The theme of this volume is ドS, "(extreme) sadism". Probably not AS extreme, but keep in mind the first volume is "mild sadism".

  4. i need a decryption key in mega? why ><

  5. I'm taking it. Thank you~ :*


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