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欲情したカレに××されちゃうご褒美CD お兄ちゃんの親友の甘~い独占欲
Yokujou shita Kare ni ××sarechau Gohoubi CD Onii-chan no Shinyuu no Ama~i Dokusen Yoku

CV : Sawa Mannaka (佐和真中) a.k.a Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Release date : 2016.03.25

Label : Melty Drop
320kb without booklet

Credit for the file goes to Rina-san. Thank you so much ^^
As requested from Rina-san, please do not re-upload or re-share the files on another place.

Message from Rena :
This is my LAST WARNING. WHEN THE ORIGINAL UPLOADER ASKED SO THAT THEIR FILES DIDN’T GET RE-SHARE OR RE-UPLOADPLEASE RESPECT THEIR WISH! It is already hard to find a high quality files right now, and I seriously didn’t want to lose anymore sponsor.

Track list :
01 デート帰りに
02 隼人の部屋で
03 ご褒美H
04 Hのあとで
05 お風呂場で
06 帰り道
Please read here (FAQ, Password, and info) and  How to download from file hosting first before asking. Thank you. 

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  1. These people are the worst! They took people's stuff and earn money from it! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  2. Ahhh Thank you so much.
    I have been interested in this series for long time
    but I didn't have chance to buy this.
    ;___; Thank you!

  3. ahhh looking forward to the Oshioki version////
    thank you so much!

  4. Thank you very much for sharing >w<

  5. am i the only one who face the trouble/error from mega saying that the memory is not enough or not enough space ? i usually download stuff from mega that uploader provide without signing in and never have the problem before ~
    p.s : the memory of my laptop has a lot of free space so i dont think that's the problem ?

    1. If you not loggin to Mega account (or don't have Mega Account), Mega will give limitation to access files.

    2. yes i understand that but all this time i downloaded several drama cd from this website and never have that problem before, i do try signing up for it and it still give me the same pops up error that limited quota(?).
      somehow i have to "upgrade" my mega account so that i am able to download again with still limited memory of the access they give and the files ...

  6. Hi, can someone help me? I've tried every password bu didn't work QAQ

    1. Did you use the password that's written in the link?



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