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『私立常盤坂学院 -immoral game-』 01 王城エリヤ~冷酷な王は雨下に涙す~
『Shiritsu Tokiwazaka Gakuin - immoral game -』 01 Oujou Eriya~Reikoku na Ou wa Uka ni Namidasu~

CV : Domon Atsushi (土門熱)a.k.a Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也) as Oujou Eriya (王城エリヤ)

Release date : 2016.04.28

320kb without booklet

Credit for the file goes to Sharla-san. Thank you so much ^^
As requested from Sharla-san, please do not re-upload or re-share the files on another place.

Message from Rena :
This is my LAST WARNING. WHEN THE ORIGINAL UPLOADER ASKED SO THAT THEIR FILES DIDN’T GET RE-SHARE OR RE-UPLOADPLEASE RESPECT THEIR WISH! It is already hard to find a high quality files right now, and I seriously didn’t want to lose anymore sponsor.

Track list :
01 王の憂鬱
02 哀れな駒
03 ダンシング・クイーン
04 king walk
05 雨 - KISS OF DEATH -
06 第2ゲーム
Please read here (FAQ, Password, and info) and  How to download from file hosting first before asking. Thank you. 

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