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この恋は溺れる夜の魔法 01~王子様は溺れない~
Kono Koi wa Oboreru Yoru no Mahou 01~Ouji-sama wa Oborenai~

CV : Asagi Yuu (あさぎ夕) a.k.a Suzuki Yuuto (鈴木裕斗) as Sonozaki Izumi (園崎泉)

Release date : 2014.09.24

Label : EM2 Record

320kb without booklet

Animate Tokuten

Track list :
01 プロローグ
02 嵐の夜~満月~
03 家出王子~満月~
04 ただいま~十六夜~
05 キスの理由~更待月~
06 溺れる恋~晦日月~
07 ナイフ~新月~
08 王子様の秘密~弓張月~
09 約束~小望月~
10 エピローグ~新月~

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  1. yu-to kun!! XD
    Thank you so much!!

  2. Thanks!
    I think that CV should be modified to 'Asagi Yuu (あさぎ夕) a.k.a Suzuki Yuuto (鈴木裕斗) as Sonozaki Izumi (園崎泉)'
    Beacause this CD is R18...

    1. Aaa, I wrote it wrong X'D Thank you for pointing it out!


  3. Ahh! Suzuki Yuto! Thank you! :D

  4. I read a review on tumblr that said this was very sad and stayed away from it for a while, and then when i listened to it i realized the epilogue actually gives you a happy end ^^
    it is R-18 CD but the scenes are very short and kind of censored, one of them even fades out (hisashiburi since fade out scenes XD)
    it is the story of you who fall in love with a prince (rich young man) and the fairy tells you: you will turn to sea foam if he doesn't fall in love with you in one month ><
    Yuuto san voice is very nice for this role, he can be very animated and excited and also very cold and intimidating. good job Yuuto san^^
    thank you for upload this CD, it was a nice listen ^^!

  5. The link is broken Rena, is it still possible to fix it please? ;-;

  6. Thank you for the reupload! ^^


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