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Hi All,
Welcome to Airavalky, maybe I reply your email very late *I hope not too late >_< * ごめん
Since this blog is private and I put "Friends Only", I think I should introduce myself too. I got some email asking about that too.

I rearrange my name and I got "Selena". Selena is my online name. I realize my English is not good and not bad, just need practice and learn the grammar again orz.
My Most Favorite Seiyuu is Hirakawa Daisuke. As gentle oniichan, as ojisan, as doS, as doM, as uke, as seme, ALL OF THEM XD. I don't know since when and who made me addicted with Hirarin  *thanks to you :3 *. I read the mails and seems a lot of Hirarin's fans here. hello ^o^)/~
Beside Hirarin, I also like Yonaga Tsubasa (his voice so cute >_<), Tachibana Shinnosuke, Kakihara Tetsuya, Hino Satoshi, Fukuyama Jun, Midorikawa Hikaru, Terashima Takuma, Eguchi Takuya and many more. because so many seiyuu with voice that make me cannot resist not to fall in love with.

Here is my SNS:
My email:
for google+ and mailing use this email, not (this email for registration only)

I hope you're not miss understood with the sharing policy here.
It's hard to keep the links alive, so DON'T HOTLINKING. You can reupload files from this site to your own file sharing. EXCEPT NOTED FILES.
If they NOT ALLOWED to share outside this blog, please DON'T REUPLOAD it.
If they want you to ASK PERMISSION first, leave comment on the post or contact me or the owner.
For anybody that so kind and share drama cd to me (and to share with us here), please let me know if you not allow to reupload outside or must ask permission first.


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  1. Thank you so much for your efforts and everyone who share their uploads here! ;__; It means so much! <3

    Also, I'm adding you too in twitter if you don't mind~ :D.

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  3. I always thank you too and i understand the rules and thanks for accept me here ^^، will the same here i don't like when someone ask about my age by the way my favorite seiyuu is ono daisuke <3

  4. Selenaさん
    OMG!!!! Hirarin!!!!
    He's my most favorite seiyuu too! I've known him since Kichiku Megane.
    But It's Starry Sky made me addicted to him. (///▽///) Aozora kun.

    Thank you for always sharing these good stuff to us. :) It's very nice to meet you.

    PS. I think I need to practice my English grammar too.

  5. Nice to you a bit more about who you are as a person :D
    I agree with your favourite seiyuus (///w///)

  6. I love Hirarin...for you, you made me Know him, also Shinosuke, but the seiyuu who can do me lose my head is Suwabe-sama! obviously I accept the rules bye bye

  7. Kore kara mo yoroshiku nee, Selena-san, minna-san ^^


  8. こんにちは〜 Thank you for introducing yourself to us! ^^ Your choice of seiyuu is really good lol X3 For me, I prefer seiyuu with a middle range voice, not too high not too low. So yeah I love those seiyuu you mentioned up there! ('w') Btw my seiyuu crush is Eguchi Takuya…kyaaaa~ (>////<)

    Anyway, thank you so much for all your hard work! (TwT)

  9. Hello!
    I am Japanese living in Japan(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
    My name is moerin!
    I am deeply indebted to you .
    incidentally My my most favorite seiyuu is Suzuki Tatuhisa and Yosino Hiroyuki ♡
    I am sorry if my English is hard to understand( ;ω; )


  10. こんにちは Selenaさん
    I always thank you( ^^)
    I'm a young woman.My most favorite seiyuu is maeno tomoaki.
    I also like hirakawa daisuke,irino miyu,tachibana shinnosuke,KENN,ono yuuki and many more.
    Then I love the character of Yandere.

    English is not good at me. So be translated on the Internet, I understand a shared policy.

  11. Your English is brilliant believe me. I have seen a lot more worst so don't worry about it. Similar fans and similar ages to be honest. I am learning Japanese so my Japanese is not very good. Anyway i hope all is well. My online name is Yuna I'm from Europe. I would love to live in Japan one day and work there as well cos its a interesting country. Thank you very much for all of the drama CDs you share, seriously it helps my Japanese ALOT.

  12. Hi Selena !
    Same here, age doesn't matter ふふふ (─‿‿─)
    My favorite seiyuu are all those with deep voices, (it makes you all auhgtuhruhtnv when they whisper to your ears). Lately I've got a crush on Yasumoto Hiroki, especially in Kindan Kyuuketsuki: so sweet!
    I also like Kuroda Takaya, Tsuda Kenjiro, Midorikawa Hikaru, Suwabe Junichi, Hiroki Takahashi ⊙ω⊙, Tomoaki Maeno, Kishio Daisuke, my bad there are too many I can't write them all!
    And Hirakawa Daisuke is always good in any type of character he's playing.
    Me and my ears thank you a lot for sharing all those dramas.

    では、またね! (◕‿◕✿)

  13. hello everyone, and thanks to Selena san and other members who have provided these resources. It really helps a lot in both entertaining and learning ways.(though i'm still a worse english user and japanese learner)
    よろしくお願いします! :)

  14. Hi!!! =D
    Age doesn't matter, I'm a young working woman too =3
    My most favorite seiyuus I'd say are Shimono Hiro and Toriumi Kousuke <3
    I just love Tori-san's sweet voice and Hirotan's funny but cute voice hehe
    I like Hino Satoshi, Fukuyama Jun, Midorikawa Hikaru, Terashima Takuma too. I love a lot of seiyuus actually XD
    Thanks for all these amazing drama cds *--*/

  15. Very nice to meet you! I'm still unsure about my seiyuu, because I really like most of them. And thank you for all the hard work, everyone! =)

  16. Hello, Selena
    I'm glad to be able to enter the companion of this site
    I also love the voice actor
    Favorite voice actor of you, I also love
    I am glad if you can also share your favorite feeling
    I would like to thank you, thank you

  17. Aaah, Hirakawa-san is my absolute favorite too! He has a lovely voice, very talented, and so cute in person; it's just not fair X3 Ishida Akira-san has been a favorite of mine for a long while too. I have too many voice actors I like to list them all, but I've been interested in Suzuki Tatsuhisa lately too because of Free! and the shinsengumi wasurenagusa series.

    Nice to meet you Selena-san, and everyone else too!


  18. Hi Selena!
    thank you for introducing yourself! always good to know about the person who put so much love into this site!
    i have to admit from long time ago, before i even listen to otome cd, my favorite seiyuu is Ishida Akira (his tsumetai n doS kyara is just >//////< ). But i love to listen to Hirarin the most! Me too, i dont know when and how i fell in love with him, but itsunomanika hes my favorite i always listen to. Even though i thought i did not like iyasre kyara, i am soo mero mero with him ≖‿≖ (本気で結婚したいぐらい!)
    i think we have same seiyuu konomi type! my next favorites are also Junjun, Kakki-, Hino Satoshi, Midorikawa Hikaru, Terashima Takuma too. also cant live without Shimono Hiro, Taniyama Kishou, Nakamura Yuuichi and Namikawa Daisuke. recently for first time i fell in love with deep voice TsudaKen xD. I start ishiki suru about seiyuu through anime Weiss Kreuz, so Seki Tomokazu, Miki Shinichiro and Koyasu Takehito will always be special to me ♥
    毎日アップしてくれて、ありがとうございます! m(_ _)m すごく感謝してます! I check everyday and your updates are always my tanoshimini :D
    これからもよろしくお願いします! ヾ(^∇^)

  19. Thank you for telling us about yourself! I'm also a big Hirarin fan and that's thanks to you I think xD. My favorite is Jun Jun though. For some reason I just love him! Lately though, I've been enjoy KENN a lot :3 all the other seiyuus you mention I also love ^^~

  20. Hello,Selena.
    Thank you so much always.
    My most favorite seiyuu is Tachibana Shinnosuke.These days Ono-Yuu.I like also Hirarin.He is "yasashii" and "otona".
    From now on Yoroshiku-ne!

  21. Hi Selena,

    Thanks for your self-intro. I'm K. Please call me K or KK, whichever way you feel comfortable. It's always a pleasure to get different drama CD from your site. I'm so appreciated and feel so grateful.
    My favorite seiyuu are Yusa Kouji, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Hirakawa Daisuke, and Yasumoto Hiroki. So great to have you adding me as your friend!!~ これからもよろしくお願いします!

  22. The name says that it is aoiko, but I like to go by shngml. Since you took the time to write up a introduction and everything, I will do the same. I am a young female college student looking forward to life after college. I love learning different language, but I hate learning the grammar part of it. My favorite seiyuu is Kuzuhiko Inoue and Tachibana Shinnosuke, but I also like many others since my main attraction to men are their voices.

    I am very grateful for all of the hard work that you guys put into uploading drama cds. I really worship the work you guys do. 本当にありがとうございます。

  23. Hello,Selena!
    I'm Nanae. I'm glad to know your personal part.
    Hirarin! His voice is good!
    Incidentally, my most favorite seiyuu is Sakurai Takahiro.
    His voice is so sexy.
    Whispered in the ear, I almost get in a faint!


  24. Hi Selena san

    I´m Pau. I´m also fan of Hirarin and also love Shimono Hiro and Suzuki Tatsuhisa. Thank you so much for your hard work and also for adding me in your list of friends I will add the new mail in google+


  25. Hi Selena!
    Thanks for introducing yourself.
    And thanks for accepting me :)
    I'm a Black Sheep, and also a young working woman, I finished university two years ago, and now I study Japanese (though it doesn't have anything to do with my career, I just study it for fun), thanks a lot for all the effort that you put in this blog, your drama cds have helped me lot to practice.
    And Hirakawa Daisuke is one of my favourite seiyuus, but for the moment my number one is Miyano Mamoru.
    I'm really glad to be part of this community,
    thanks a lot.

  26. Hi Selena and all ヽ(´∇`)ゞmy name is Jhulia

    For me it is impossible to love just one seiyuu, my list is too long but my maximum life-ruiners are Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Tachibana Shinnosuke and Hirakawa Daisuke. Tatsun because he steal my heart as Okita Souji in wasurenagusa series with his yasashii voice but Do-S personality (///w///)
    Tachi and Hirarin because i'm surprised how they can go from a sweet and fluffy personality to yandere psycho-boyfriend with chains (◕‿◕✿)

    Sorry for my rough english, nice to meet you ヽ(・´ω`・。)ノ゙

  27. Hajimemashita Selena-san!
    It's very nice to meet you too, and I also love Hirarin's voice! But my favorite is Namikawa Daisuke. (´^` )ゞ
    Doesn't mean I'm comparing them! I love them both very much! Both have amazing voices of all kinds, the onii-chan type, kawaii type, kakoii type, I love them all! (* ˘ ³˘*)♥

    I hope we can be friends! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  28. TY TY and i hope that we can be friend with each other >w< and always i wanted to send my best regard to you (o3<)

  29. Selena-san, thank you for me to introduce myself!
    You have been busy recently. So, I thought that it was trying to send mail to you when you are not busy.
    Thank you for helping me! Thank you for me to become friends with me!

    I also love Hirarin, Tetsuya Kakihara, and Jun Fukuyama! And, What I love most is Tomoaki Maeno.(≧∇≦)

  30. Hi Selena, nice to meet you c:
    OMG I love Hirarin's voice too! The perfect oniichan voice!! >w<
    My favourite seiyuu is Kakihara Tetsuya but I love tonnes of others too!
    Thank you for all your hard work and I hope we get along!! :D

  31. Osu! It turns out to be a long intro :3 I love many seiyuus, & its obvious whom I love *wink wink* (but not my profile pic here) yoroshiku~ to Selena & minna-san :3

  32. Hi hi~~~
    Selena- san thank you very much for accepting me ^^
    Nice to meet you
    Well because many are saying who your favorite seiyuu xD Mine is definitely Takashi Kondo *¬¬¬* I love him dearly
    Hirarin´s voice gives me a little scared because of Raito xD i know it´s not Hirarin fault but that character left me traumatized
    Again thank you very much and I hope we get along ^^

  33. Hi, Selena!
    Thank you for introducing yourself.
    My favorite seyuu are Morikubo Showtaro, Kaji Yuuki, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Miyano Mamoru, Suzumura Ken'ichi, Kishio Daisuke, Takahashi Naozumi, and many more.♥
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  34. Hi, selena-san! My name is mai.
    i have always taken care of.
    My most favorite seiyuu is tachibana shinnosuke-san( *`ω´)
    Nice to meet you in the future♡

  35. Hello, Selena-san. Nice to meet you!
    First of all, thank you very much to allow me.
    And my name is heesun:D
    I also love hirarin! Sweet voice of his:3
    My favorite seiyuu is Kosuke Toriumi. I love the soft voice of his.<3
    And I like all seiyu!
    Be a part that may be unclear due you use translator. I can read the English is all right, but can't write well. I'm sorry...(´・ω・`)


  36. Hi all! My name is Ayik :)

    I love ALL seiyuus, but my favourite is Taniyama Kishou, Sakurai Takahiro and Midorikawa Hikaru X3

    I'm still learn both Japanese and English, hhe. Sorry if my words not to good >_<

    I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for Selena and all uploaders in here, I'm always grateful to you guys XD

  37. Selena-San!
    I'm Haruka.
    I always thank you and accept me. m(_ _)m
    I understand and keep your rules :)
    I hope to keep a good relationship with you :)

    My favorit is Green River Light.
    His voice is so cool ><
    And I also love Hirarin!

  38. Hi Selena!
    It's a pleasure to meet you.
    Thanks for all the amazing drama CDs
    My favorite seiyuu's are Suwabe Junichi, Suzumura Kenichi, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Midorikawa Hikaru, Ono Yuuki, Hirakawa Daisuke, Maeno Tomoaki, KENN, Terashima Takuma and many others. But the voice of Suwabe-san has conquered me. (* ^ *)
    And Hirakawa Daisuke is always good in any kind of character.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    atte; Lyra-Blye

  39. Hello Selena and everyone!
    My name is Juanella.
    Thank you very much Selena for allowing me to be a member of this awesome committee! :D
    It really is amazing to be here and see everyone fangirl-ing about the drama cds etc. As the people I meet in real life either doesn't appreciate this, have no interest or they just don't like it (and even attempt to make me stop my passion/interest/hobby of listening to drama cds) .... :/
    Hmmm... It's difficult for me to narrow down to one favorite seiyuu, so here's the top 10 of my list:
    Hirakawa Daisuke, Ono Daisuke, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Taniyama Kishou , Toriumi Kousuke, Kishio Daisuke, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Shimono Hiro, KENN and Kimura Ryohei. (///w///)
    Thank you and everyone else for your hard work!
    I hope we can be friends! :D

  40. Hello Selena-san!
    Thank you for introducing yourself, and nice to meet you! (*^▽^*)
    My name is Ruella, and I'm very grateful to you and all of the uploaders here, thank you so much for your hard work! (‐^▽^‐)

    So many seiyuus I love but the best 5 for me are Takahashi Naozumi, Ishida Akira, Nojima Kenji, KENN, and Toriumi Kousuke (*´∀`*)


  41. hello selena-san!

    my name is aisaka yoi!



  42. Hello, Selena

    I always appreciate your time and effort.
    Yes, Hirarin's voice is very attractive.
    And he has great acting skills. I love him, too.


  43. hello Selena :D my name is Gift
    thank for accepting me as friend
    i hope we can be a good friend :D
    my fav seiyuu is Hirarin too
    i really love his sexy voice >///<

  44. Hello Selena~~~~
    My name is 유희원.
    Nice to meet you.!!! Thanks for accepting me this awesome site.
    My favorite seiyuu is Yusa Koji.
    His voice is lead me seiyuu world.

    これからもよろしくお願いします。( ^ω^ )

  45. Selenaさん、こんにちは!♪

    Thank you for allowing me to join this fangirl heaven (*≧▽≦) . My online name is Merumeru, I'm a part-timer Japanese language student (but my Japanese is still bad, I think) and full-timer fangirl, lol. My fave seiyuus are Hiroki Takahashi, Inoue Go, Toriumi Kousuke, Masaya Onosaka, Hirakawa Daisuke, and many more.

    Yes, Yonaga Tsubasa-san's voice is sooo cute. I love his voice in FREE!, and I hope I can hear his voice more and more (* >ω<)


  46. Hello Selena-san~!
    Oh, I love Hirarin, too!! He is one of the best HETARE actor!
    I also like SUGITA Tomokazu, MORIKAWA Toshiyuki, TORIUMI Kosuke, MIKI Shinichiro, OKIAYU Ryotaro, SAKURAI Takahiro, MIDORIKAWA Hikaru, and more and more...I can't list them up.
    These days, many otome drama cds are released one after another, so I can't buy them
    Thank you for your kindness from the bottom of my heart!

  47. Hi Selena-san^^my name is Kate))
    thank you for self introduction & for let me join this wonderful community mm
    also thank you & other uploaders for providing such happiness as dramaCD _(:3」∠)_
    as for my fav seiyuu it's Tattsu^^ no matter what I can't resist his voice^///^
    and I like him as a person too >WW< as for the others I also like Morikawa-san, Kakki, Tori-san, Ryohei, TsudaKen, Sugitan, NamiDai, Sakurai-san, Hosoyan & many many others^^
    and again thank you so much!!


  48. hi selena-san
    my name is hyemi :)
    thank for accepting me as friend >///////<
    I hope we become good friends in the future♥♥

    そして thank you for introducing yourself >0<
    HIRAKAWA DAISUKE's voice is very very attractive
    I hear his voice at the moment Did not stop to admire >q<

    My favorite seiyuu is KAJI YUUKI
    His voice is very cute >///<

    これからもよろしくお願いします。m(_ _)m

  49. Herrooou! Here is takai-chan! first of all thank you so much for being hardworking and so lovely! I want to be friends too! but I kind feel shy, because I actually admire the work of you uploaders. You guys really saved my life and I will explain why...
    my parents divorced last year and a got a very huge depression. (I was 17, now i´m 18)
    I couldn´t find any reason to live anymore. but them I met this blog and all the seiyuu stuff! Then I became addicted to downloading and listening all the kinds of drama CD. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! now I´m a normal person, not depressive anymore! <3 ARIGATOU!

    you guys are so amazing >//v//<

    My favorite seiyuu ever is TANIYAMA KISHOW. I met him as natsuki in uta no prince sama. But I had already listened his voice in the kuroko no basuke openings (my favorite anime) I really love him and specially GRANRODEO, but not so much in drama cds...
    for drama and talk cds my favorite seiyuus are TOMOAKI MAENO <3 , tachibana shinnosuke, hino satoshi, hirakawa daisuke (mainly as onee-chan, as do-S he scares me a little xD)

    some months ago I really got addicted for kimura ryouhei because of the talk cd for double score (that cute one! xD)

    I´m also a illustrator of manga \o/ I mainly draw cute, but I can draw hot/sexy man too when I want. If you guys wanna see my drawings you can visit

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This blog, you guys, and most of people who visits this blog are amazing. We have hobbies in comon! love chu! >//3//< bai bai!

  50. よりしくおねがいします!!!
    I love Hirarin too XD He is my favorite seiyuu XD I like Junichi Suwabe, Shimono Hiro, Maeno Tomoaki, (most Utapri's seiyuu XD), ono daisuke, etc. XD

    I'm still a newbie about drama, talk, and BL cd but I want to know more. XD and your blog help me a lot XD

    thank you so much selena-san

  51. I see that several have already been submitted.
    Hi, I'm Chizakura, well, that's my nick, my name is Bere, nice! My English is not very good, haha.

    God! That moment when I realize that love Hirarin-san as much as I!
    Waaa ~! Marry me and accost to Hirarin-san! Haha, I also love Midorikawa and Tatsuhisa are my platonic love but that one day marry me Tattsun (?) (Uses dream xD).
    Haha no, but my favorite couple is seiyuu Midorikawa x Toriumi, they both have something that when they work together they are so ... ! No comments ~!

    I think Hirarin has not Uke that makes you ... ahhjsfkfbs, have you played Kichiku Megane? There is a delight! I really love, I love Hirarin.

    Well, after my moment of Fangirl ...
    Thank you for accepting the Blog, I appreciate it too, and I hope someday to be your friend and they fangirl together haha, bye ~.

  52. Hi selena-san
    my name is 斎藤十夜 ( touya saitou ):)
    thank for accepting me as friend (*゚艸゚*)
    I hope we become good friends in the future
    Thank you for introducing yourself ^^
    HIRAKAWA DAISUKE's voice is very very attractive
    I hear his voice at the moment Did not stop to admire キャァ♪(*ノ∀ノ)

    My favorite seiyuu is tatibana shinnosuke and hino satoshi and maeno tomoaki and KENN and toriumi kousuke and nojima kennji &hirohumi!
    Their voices are very cool! ^////^

    これからもよろしくお願いします(*・ω・)*_ _))ペコリン

  53. Hi, Selena-san! I read this thre in my glad. Thank you~ :)
    Hirarin is the one of my best favorite seiyuu, too! Specially I love his sweet, tender voice and act like older bro or husband. :D

  54. Just a short thanks to Selena for adding me to view the blog! I guess I might as well do a intro here to the rest too! (:

    You can call me Qianni! I'm currently a university student and studying Japanese too (still have a looooong way to go though hahaha). I'm comfortable with English and Chinese, just in case there's any questions you guys might wanna ask me next time :3

    I don't really have my own favorite seiyuu, but I like those that have really deeeeeeep お兄さん and お父さん系 roles/voices, which probably include people like Hatano Wataru, Kuroda Takaya, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Fujiwara Keiji, Inoue Kazuhiko, and Maeno Tomoaki. I used to listen to alot of BLCDs too so do I have a few favorite uke seiyuus like Hirakawa Daisuke and Nojima Kenji :3 But in a nutshell I tend to pick up random Otome/BL CDs just to pick up interesting storyline / interesting seiyuu roles.

    I used to do some amateur translations (before I started picking up Japanese in university... so I guess that's 5-6 years ago LOL) on the JRock band the GazettE. They are my absolute biases so if you guys don't mind the bad english I had then, do visit my LJ on my username. Though I'm on hiatus now, you can just see whatever I have there haha (:

    You guys probably won't see me commenting around very often since I will be sweeping all the R-18 Otome CDs :x But I sure hope that we'll make good online friends!!


  55. Hi Selena! Thank you for the introduction! Actually, I really love Hirarin too! he's one of my most favorite seiyuus! Actually I was first into BL only, but when I found your blog, I started to listen to otome drama cds and got addicted!. I have so many favorite seiyuus now like Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Yusa Kouji, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Toriumi Kousuke, Hino Satoshi, Suwabe Junichi, Morikawa Toshiyuki and many more! I'm very grateful with your blog for making me go on the otome world. I plan to save up and buy the actual drama cds so I could help the industry. I won't be commenting very often, but a big thank you for your blog!

  56. Hi Selena,

    Thank you for letting me use your blog~~~

    My name is Fuuyumi and I'm crazy about Sakurai Takahiro and Tsuda Kenjiro, these are my favorite <3, I search for anything and everything that has them~

    My second most favorite will be Sugita Tomokazu, Hirakawa Daisuke, Kaji Yuuki, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Kazuya Nakai, Kenichi Suzumura.... Wow the lisst is longer, but let's stop here

    I will not share any drama CDs online, but I hope to share it with my friends that also like Seiyuus.

    Thank you very much!!!

  57. herro o/ first of all; thank you once again for accepting me (>____<)
    nice to meet you :D i go by the alias rakutenki XD
    and i got captivated by kondou takashi *____* this might be cliche
    but i always adore fukujun's voice *___* recently; the voice of hosoyan had been caught my interest too but i still stuck with konjiisan XD what could i do~~

  58. Soo many Hirarin Fansssssssssss~~~~~~~~!!!!!!

    It's so nice to see us members fangirling over our favorite seiyuus! My favorite ones so far are Sephiria Akashi-san's description of Raito (hahahaha Hirarin's talent!!) and Haruka Nanase-san's Green River Light --- such a fangirl!

    It's so nice to know more about you, Selena-san. Aside from what I've written in my email, I also like Kondo Takashi, Tachibana Shinnosuke and Kimura Ryohei, though they can't even come close to how Hirarin has taken over my whole life. ^_^

    And to those who want to improve their English, this is your chance! Airavalky is now a community, so don't hesitate to talk to the other members here to practice. ^_^

    To Selena-san, thank you (again) for accepting me as a friend and to everyone, kore kara mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

  59. Hi! Selena~

    I appreciate your kindness! because my english is poor!
    But you always reply me kindly!

    I love seiyuus! My favorite seiyu is kouji yusa, yoshimasa hosoya, Ryohei kimura , Kenichi suzumura! many seiyu! I love them! XD
    I love their voices and themselves! So I found and see their broadcasting, picture and so on~
    I think already you have it. Maybe you want to find seiyu's whatever, I want to help you!

    I always thank you so much! Selena and many provider thank you~!!!

  60. Hi, Selena-san!
    My name is Ame Sora.
    For us, always thank you for having you share a wonderful thing!
    I really appreciate it!

    Thanks to you, I know the voice actor.
    And I became a fan of them now.(●´ω`●)

    There are a lot of favorite voice actor a lot!
    Above all, I like Kenji Nojima,Naozumi Takahasi now.
    I love Their gentle voice and cool voice very much~~!
    Their voice is my energy.
    I like Tsundere, but I also love Yandere.(*ノωノ)

    I am glad if I can talk about hot thought at this place.
    I want to be friends with everyone!
    Always Thank you so much!

  61. Hi, selena-san!
    Thank you very much for approval and your hard work as always!
    I am happy to be friends with you.
    I also love Mr. Hirakawa sooo Hirarin XD
    It is cured by his soft gentle and sometimes cool voice.

    I observe the rules and conditions oh this site.
    I am grateful for your extremely large kindness!

  62. Hello, Mr. Serna.
    My name is joe.
    He is a Japanese who lives in Japan.
    Thank you for having you recognize as a friend.
    I am always very thankful to you.
    I need your help well from now on.
    I'm sorry since English cannot be done, when strange.

  63. Hello!
    My name is Tsujikawa, and probably you've seen me on your Google+
    First, I want to thank you for accepting me, and also for uploading these great CDs.
    Now, I want to introduce a bit about myself. I'm a student, and is living abroad. My favorite seiyuu is Kamiya Hiroshi, but I also like Fukuyama Jun, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Nakamura Yuuichi, and many more.
    I want to become great friends with you!
    Sorry for my English...

  64. Hi Selena-san!
    Thanks very much for keeping this blog alive and tthanks for your hard work!
    My favorite seiyuu are Kamiya Hiroshi, Sugita Tomokazu, Kaji Yuuki, Shimono Hiro.
    I do purchase drama cds that I like especially BLCDs that have famous gensaku, and would love to contribute if needed.
    Thanks again!


  65. hello selena :D

    thank you so much for letting me join airavalky, and i won't share any of the files/links in anywhere.

    it's not easy to find someone who enjoys the otome cds....i mean, around me in real life. so i think it's amazing that we can share the feelings with people all around the world, and we can call each other 'friends'.
    thanks again for this awesome blog! *^o^*/

    (actually i sent a mail to you but i'm not sure whether you read or it was sent to myself not you...i'm a clumsy user T~T;)

    thank you for introducing yourself! it's crazily hard for me to make my pick: who is my favorite seiyuu...i'm falling in love with tons of them XD
    they're like deadly angels!! i just can't get out of their sweet & dangerous voices ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    thanks soooooo much to selena and everyone for sharing the cds and feelings.
    i hope airavalky is forever <333333333

    stay happy and healthy, selena-san & minna-san!! ^O^

  66. Thank you so much for your hard work, i really appreciate it!
    Also for the people who kindly share with us ~ you're awesome!!
    i'm a young working woman as well ^^V and working in a japanese company, hobby is not a coincidence hahaha *blame the young japanese staff who visit our office* LOL
    My first fave seiyuu is Koyasu Takehito, then since i watch Fushigi Yuugi i was fall in love with Midorin voice. Now, i have so many fave seiyuu, so if i have to choose which one is the best, I CAN'T! Because not only the voice the drama works are great!
    I will support you to keep this blog alive ~

  67. Hello Selena-san :3

    I'm Emily and Thank you for your hard work!!!
    I love KENN / Miyano Mamoru / Suzuki Tatsuhisa so much(((((*ノωノ)


  68. Hello Selena

    First, my English is not that good especially in grammar term cause it not my natural language. So i will try to introduce myself and explain my feeling in the most simple ways.

    As you can see from my name. I'm Asia people (not going to mention which country hahaha you can see) so it hard to find something that involve with anime, drama cd and all of otome stuff. There are two reason for that first our country not support this kind of culture. There are many people that see our interest as something nonsense. Second reason is the japan stuff tend to popular only among guys and that the problem because man in my country still slightly look down on woman. So all of otome girls tend to have no place to stand in community even in this kind of culture community. And not mention fujoshi, They have no place to stay in common anime community.

    So for me, there are quite a few place that i can stand as part of that community. I can count by my fingers hahaha. This blog is one of my place. I appreciate for you who run this blog and everyone who love to be here also.

    Thank you very much for all of your effort. I can not passes through many stress during my project in bachelor without all of you and it still continue in my master thesis. I thank you from bottom of my heart ^^.

    I think i wrote too much drama here. So my favorite seiyuu hmm.... many people i cannot count. But especially one will be Ishida Akira, Torumi Kousuke, Hirakawa Daisuke, Susuki Tatsuhisa, Taniyama Kishou, Miyano Mamoru and Koyasu Takehito. When i see one of their work i will want it immediately. I don't really sure what type of voice is my favorite but i love both do-m and do-s so i guess can be any type except too much kawaii type hahaha.

    Lastly, I love this blog and everyone so much. Thank you.

  69. Hello!
    I've been following your blog for a while now, and admit i'm a lurker. but thank you very much for adding me. m(_ _)m i really do love visiting your blog. thank you!!!

    i'm more of a deep voice fetish, so i tend to gravitate towards do'esu type chara. haha. my absolute fave is Suwabe-sama! <333

    once again, thank you and all the others who share on this blog. this is such a lovely site. ♥

  70. Hi, Nice to meet you, Selena-san!!
    My name is Arisa. Thank you so much for your hard work for us.
    My favourite seiyuu are KENN and Miyano Mamoru. Their voice can make me melt LOL.
    Really nice to be your friend.
    I always support your work and blog here.

    Thank you so much.

  71. Hallo Selena-san.(´∀`)
    My nane is mio.

    I also love Hirarin!!!!!!!(>ω<)♥♥♥ His voice is very very sexy!
    Although there are many favorite Seiyuu and one person is not decided on ....
    My Most Favorite Seiyuu is Ono Daisuke.♥♥

    I always look forward to your blog.
    Thank you Selena-san and everyone always.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Dear Selena-san,

    Me too~~My favorite seiyu is Hirakawa Daisuke>///<
    I love his gently tender voice, especially when he whisper to you with deep voice <3
    Sometimes gentle, sometime seductive, Hirarin’s voice always makes me like fall in love whenever I hear his CV works. >艸<

    Since my type is gentle and seductive voice, I also like Morikawa Toshiyuki, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Koyasu Takehito, Ono Daisuke and Tachibana Shinnosuke^^ Their CV works are very adorable, too Again many thanks to your generosity and hardworks of sharing these wonderfaul drama CD, and I’m so happy to know that many friends love Hirakawa Daisike >///<

    Have a nice weekend^^


  74. (Sorry but please let delete the former one due to typing error, and re-post the message again, thank you^^ )

  75. Hi!

    I'm so glad to be part of this site since I don't get to talk very much about drama cds and seiyuu; most of my friends don't know enough Japanese to be interested in them. Listening to drama CDs helps me with learning; the only problem is my wallet is crying now because I've started buying them and have so many I want to get.

    Hirarin is great! I love so many seiyuu but my favorites are Kondo Takashi, Fukuyama Jun, and KENN. Such sexy voices! >////<

  76. Hello Selena-San =D
    I'm Karen Ann. I really appreciate your kindness & hard-working.
    And thank you again for adding me join here :3
    I'm really glad to be part of this fantastic community now

    I love Hirarin's voice too!
    He's always like a nice gentle oniisan, but sometimes a little bit doS xD
    And my favorite seiyuu is Hino Satoshi <3
    I love his yandere voice xD

    Sorry about my broken English, I hope you can understand me orz
    これからもよろしくお願い致します( *・ω・)*_ _))ペコリン

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. So nice to meet Hirarin lovers!! :)))

    Hirarin is top seiyuu for me as well, he is really the perfect oniichan character TT but he pulls off other types of characters well too!! I also like Kiramune seiyuus, Kamiyan, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Trignal!!, Kakihara tetsuya! So many more tho like Shimono, OnoD, Miyano Mamoru, Kiiyan, many Onos, Tatsun!

    Wow it's a never ending list of seiyuus, seriously. I bet everyone feels that way too XD

    Drama CDs helped me so much, I can understand Japanese at the basic level even if I can't speak Japanese :)))

    よろしく!! ohh and BL cds.. kekekkekekeke

  79. ~~(m♋‿♋)m HELLO♪
    My name is Kazahana Aika



  80. Nakama~! I'm so glad to know a fellow Hirakawa-san fan~! ♥

    I also love all his work and roles, and I find him cute and squishy during free talks in his cds. I love his sweet and gentle tones but I have to say love him most when he's being all yandere. (^o^) I'm so weak when his voice goes all gentle and then suddenly drops and becomes all serious and demanding. <(////////)> ~♥

    I have a long list of favourite voice actors! But the ultimate 'can't-live-without' ones apart from Hirakawa Daisuke-san are Hatano Wataru-san, Ishida Akira-san, Kuroda Takaya-san and Nakai Kazuya-san~! Teehee~! ♥♥♥

    I'm also a young working woman. :D Listening to these guys is just glorious, especially during rest and relaxation times - while drinking hot tea~! ♥

  81. Hi, selena-san
    Thank you very much for approval and your hard work as always
    My name is sayaka
    My favorite seiyuu are Satoshi Hino , yoshimasa hosoya, Ryohei kimura

  82. Hi!!! selena-san >O<
    Thank you for telling us about yourself!
    My name is Sutussa Sanon. My nickname is Nubthong.
    I come from Thailand. Nice to meet you again.
    Sorry in the last time to say did not know subject.
    I want you to forget it all. I very sorry TTOTT
    Thank you very very much :3

  83. Hello Selena-san
    My name is Akira.



  84. こんにちはセレナさん!
    Hello Selena-san :)
    Thanks for you introduction :)
    You can simply call me Eiza!
    I love all seiyuus with their damn bishies voice////
    And my favorite seiyuu are Toriumi Kousuke, Kondo Takashi and also Suzuki Tatsuhisa///

  85. Hi, Selena-san!!
    My name is Yoshio.
    My favorite seiyu is Sugita tomokazu, Nakamura yuichi, Inoue go etc...
    Thank you for your hard work!!!
    I am glad if friends are made.
    I am sorry to be poor at English…;;


  86. Hi~ Selina-san ~~~~~ ^w^)/
    Thank you very much for your kindness and nice to meet you !

    I really LOVE Hirarin's voice too! He is also my fav seiyuu because of his voice is too gentle and I always can't resist when I listen his voice lol
    another seiyuu I also like is Tatsun, Kamiyan, OnoKen, Tachibana-san x)

    I'm so glad that I have join the community ^^ so thank you again for add me in.

  87. Hi~Selena-san~Nice to meet u~XD
    My online name is tsubasa~Thanks for ur introduction^w^
    Of course I also like Hirakawa Daisuke, but the most favourite seiyuu I like are Suwabe, Toriumi, Konishi, Midorikawa, Tatsu, Morikawa, Kishio, Okiayu, Morikubo, Yusa and many many more~XD
    I always look forward for ur blog~Its very happy to join in with everyone here~
    So これからもよろしくね~~XD

  88. Hello Selena san! thank you for introducing yourself!
    My name is yozakura.

  89. Greetings,Selena-san~ =3 Daisy here. XD

    Oh,yay!A fellow Hirarin fan(Midorin,Suwabe-san,Hiro-san and Tachibana-san are some of my other favs~)!! XD
    Love him as well,but I have to say his acting on Raito of DL is not my favorite.Not that I don't like his voice and act but the chuckles,like,at the end of every sentences is driving me nuts. OTL Granted,Raito's not my pick in DL,Kanato is.Ahuehue--- 8D No offense for Raito's fans. ^^b

    Saying my thanks once again for accepting!Howdy from your neighboring country~ :D

  90. Hi! Selena-san

    My online name is VoiceHolic and also a working young woman too \(≧∇≦)/
    It's an honor to be accepted into this wonderful blog and got to know other fangirls here~(^ω^)

    Understood and will abide by the rules.

    As for me, my all time favourite (bias) seiyuu are Morikawa Toshiyuki, Midorikawa Hikaru, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Miki Shinichirou, Suwabe Junichi, Yasumoto Hiroki, Harano Wataru and Hosoya Yoshimesa (most of them are in BLCDs since I first start listening to BLCDs years before Otome cds >艸<) they are the ones whose voice I've never get tired of >///<

    Recently there are 2 seiyuu who I got interested in.They're veteran seiyuu who usually voice supportive roles in anime and then they got to voice the main character in drama cd that is when their acting skill and voice got my attention.
    1st is Shingaki Tarusuke who voice hentai do-m uke in Saezuru tori wa habatakanai (Can'i believe that this is his debut in BL~ XD).
    2nd is Kawada Shinji in Sweets Blossom Vol.2 ^///^ ... Actually I don't like guy who take advantage of the situation and force himself on woman. I just like how he use his voice and his acting skill with the dummy head mic that make it "feel" so real when he hug and whisper. >///< I mean when you listen to otome cd using dummy head mic record it'll definitely sound real but sometimes the feeling is not natural.

    Sorry for the long reply,It hard to stop when the topic is about seiyuu ^ω^"
    Nice to meet you all and これからもよろしくお願い致します。

  91. Same feeling with Tsubasa and level of english orz
    (loveyoyo886) Reon here
    Nice to meet uuuuu!
    /  つ⊂  \
    Also Namikawa, Hosoya, Saikamitsuki, Ishida Akira, KENN, Tachibana...are my favorite_(´ཀ`」 ∠)_ ((too much
    It is very respect about you are a working woman. Although I still is a college student, I feel very anxiety about futu((ry o<----<


  92. Hi, Selena-san!!!
    My name is saemii.

    thank for accepting me as friend
    Because I am not good at English
    And I'm sorry if I become a funny word(-人-)

    I also love Hirakawa-san!
    On the other, Hino Satoshi, Shinnosuke Tachibana-san, and Suwabe Junichi
    There are a lot of favorite voice actor (^ - ^)


  93. Is 3ryou hello.
    Thank you for your reply e-mail the other day.
    I was able to successfully login.

    Hirakawa-san I also like.
    Hirakawa-san of cool "花降楼シリーズ"
    I like dialogue with Toriumi-san is interesting "お天気戦隊ハウウェザー"

    Thanks in advance.

  94. Hello, Selena!
    Thank you for accepting my into the blog despite my simple reason \^o^/
    I also love Tsubasa Yonaga too <3 He is just the CUTEST! So is Yuuki Kaji and Ryohei Kimura, waaah, all so cute >////<
    But Junichi Suwabe and Hirakawa-san are very sexy too...
    Toriumi-san is my first love for seiyuu so he's special ^^
    There is just too much seiyuu to love! KENN, Kondo Takashi, Miyata Kouki, Kakihara Tetsuya, Ono Kensho and a lot more and from now onwards I have to rely on this blog to post up songs and drama CDs on them so thank you very much once again!
    *talks too much*

  95. Hi hi!!
    Thank you for introducing yourself! It's very nice to meet you :D
    Thank you so much for adding me. I'm very happy to be able to be your friend. ^^
    I'm very grateful to you and all the uploaders for providing these drama CDs for us.
    It's really hard to choose a favorite seiyuu >.< There are too many awesome ones! The ones I like most are probably Fukuyama Jun and Ono Yuuki xD
    Thank you again for everything!!

  96. Hi! selena-san.
    I'm user name is Rio.
    I'm not good at English...sorry.

    I love Daisuke Hirakawa, Hiroki Takahashi, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Satoshi Hino&ELEKITER ROUND 0 etc.
    I wanna be a friends of you(^^)


  97. Hi~Selena-san!
    My online name bishop.Thank you for approving me
    I am very happy to be friends with you.
    My favorite seiyu's are Toriumi Kousuke, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Maeno Tomoaki and many others.
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  98. Hello Selena, thank you again for approving me [sushiefairy]
    I'm a big BLCD and R-18 otome stuffs (I'm a pervert inside ^_^ ) fan.
    I like Hirarin too, but my favorite seiyuus are Midorin, Suzuki Tatsuhisa,
    Suwabe Junichi, Nojima Kenji, (favorite uke), Majima Junji, Nakamura Yuichi and
    Satou Takuya.
    More power to your blog :)

  99. Hello selena!
    My user name is hiver_y.
    I'm appricate your friends.
    My favorite seiyu is Fukuyama jun.
    May l follow your twitter acount?

  100. Hello, Selena.
    I'm Karida. Thanks for your approval!
    I like Okamoto Nobuhiko, Shimono Hiro and so on.
    Also like Hirakawa Daisuke! His voice acting is great.
    Recently, I'm interest in Eguchi Takuya :D
    It's so good to see you, and これからもよろしくお願いします☆

  101. Hello, Selena. Just call me Candy ^^
    Thanks for approving me!
    My favorite seiyuu are Hirakawa Daisuke, Toriumi Kousuke, and Terashima Takuma I appreciate this fabulous blog and all that you guys do! I look forward to more awesome posts from you daily! <3333

  102. Hi Selena-san. My OL name Aiko
    First, Thank you for introducing yourself. Nice to know you ♪
    Second, Thank you so much for approving me.

    I'm very grateful and helpful to you and other uploaders like Rena-san, Caren-san, ~bitshoujou-san~, etc for all Drama CD which shared in here.

    Most favorite seiyuu is Terashima Takuma. Other seiyuu are Hino Satoshi, Hosoya Yoshimasa, and Sakurai Takahiro .

    Nice to know you all.

  103. Hi Selena! (*´ω`*) I'm Rikku! Thank you for approving me to use the site!
    My favorite seiyuus are Junichi Suwabe, Toriumi Kosuke, Takashi Kondo, and Midorikawa Hikaru amongst others~ (I'm pretty sad that Junichi Suwabe hasn't done any R-18 otome stuff! orz)

    I'm so glad Airavalky is back though! I had a nervous breakdown when I thought the site wouldn't come back (笑)!

  104. Hi Selena!
    Thanks for introducing yourself. ^_^ It's nice to meet you. You're right, there are so many good voice actors! I'm prefer the one's who have a slightly deeper voice though XD Thank you for sharing and for all your hard work!

  105. Thank You ^^ I love this blog.
    Oh one of my favorite seiyuu is Hirarin too s2

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. Hi~ Selena,

    My name is Amy, my favorite seiyuu is Hatano Wataru.^^
    His voice is cooooool!(>////<)
    I'm really happy to be your friend.

    Always thank you!

  108. I have a lot of drama cds that I kept if u want I can make a list of things am welling to share with u I never share my drama cds cause I respet the uploader but since I got them from u if u r missing any or lost some I will upload it if I still have it and send u the link u can add the adfly to it since it originally yours thanks guys for sharing this blog makes life easer to bear

  109. Hi Selena!, thanks for introducing yourself, nice to meet you.
    Thanks for your hard work here.
    You're right there many good voice actors here, althought I have a hard time remembering their names and enjoy them ^^.
    Thanks once again ^^.

  110. Hello Selena-san.
    My user name is Mitsuki.
    Thanks for adding me as your friend,and telling me about you.

    Daisuke Hirakawa is my favorite actor !
    His voice is soft,mild,cute,and sexy~~~(>▽<)
    I'm looking forward to your blog ^^

  111. Hi, Selena,
    My user name is kio22b
    Thanks once again ♡

  112. Hello Selena-san... My name is Andri, even though its like a boy name, I'm actually a girl, genuinely! ^v^
    Thank u for your approval, I will abide the rule nicely!
    My most favorite seiyuu is Kakihara Tetsuya, I love his voice so much, >v<
    I might lose myself because of him... ^w^
    Sorry if my english bad... I'm looking forward to your blog....!!!

  113. Hello,Selena san~~
    Thank you for introducing yourself and having this blog.
    I like Hirakawa Daiske,too!!Because of this, I always have fun and surprise here.
    Thanks again for you approval.

  114. Hello Selena! My user is berru and I just want to thank you a lot for all your hard work <3 I wouldn't know what to do without all the sexy seiyuu voices, I can't live without them! And ahhhh/// Hino Satoshi is one of my favorites too, his acting is soooo good and his voice is flawless!

  115. I love the seiyuus that you mentioned! Especially Hirarin!
    Thank you accepting me as a friend and for all the awesome drama cds here.
    これからよろしくお願いします (^_^)

  116. Hallo Selena-san.
    I'm user name is mayuk.

    Thank you as always. { }

  117. Hello Selena san *^^*
    I'm sorry to send mail in Japanese (T_T)
    Thank you for authentication!!
    Favorite seiyuu of my ...Daredemo Daisuki (^_-)-☆

  118. Hi Selena!

    I go by rurin (although I'm posting as amekoe under my wordpress).
    I also like Fukuyama Jun! My favorite seiyuu is Sakurai Takahiro, though. I'm also a fan of Ono Yuuki, OnoD (ever since Starry Sky), Tsuda Kenjiro, Kimura Ryohei, among others. I tend to fluctuate on who I like based on what characters they play, though.

    I'm currently taking Japanese and drama CDs help me a lot to learn new vocabulary and go over old ones :3 Surprisingly.

    Thank you for all you've done and for keeping up this website!


  119. Hello Selena-san!
    Thank you for introducing yourself and managing this wonderful blog!
    And to other uploaders too, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
    I'm quite a shy person, I've been on this page since there's only like 40 comments, and I keep on pondering what to write and how to write.. And finally found the courage to submit this! (ง •̀_•́)ง So here goes..
    I'm Bonnie, it's not my real name but somehow some of my RL friends call me that, so I use it as my screen name~ Nice to meet you! I stumble upon this blog by chance, and I'm really glad I did! This blog is my best online discovery! Ever!
    My first seiyuu crush is Shimono Hiro, because he sounds really cute. But that was before I know any other seiyuu.. Now I can't even count how many seiyuus I have crush on..
    I love Hirarin too! He's really awesome, I like how he can have such colorful kind of voice. But the only one who can leave me gasping for breath is Tsudaken!!! I love his husky ojisanppoi kind of voice. I guess it's because I have ojisan fettish ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚
    I also like Morikawa Toshiyuki, Yasumoto Hiroki, Inoue Kazuhiko, Koyasu Takehito, Konishi Katsuyuki, Morita Masakazu and many more! So many that I can't remember all of them!
    Yaah~ I ended up writing much more than I intended, I hope that's okay.. (´・∀・`;)ゞ
    I'm really glad to be allowed into this blog!
    I've never write online much, I guess it doesn't show from the way I write, but this took me really long time to finish... I hope I can express myself more and hopefully, fangirl together with the nice people in this comunity! ヾ(o´▽`)ノ゙♪

  120. Hi! Thank you so much for your hard work, and for the add! *hugs*
    Even if my favorite seiyuu is Mamo-chan, I loooooove Hirarin too! I think it's his role as Franz from Gankutsuou that got me get a liking on him *sobs* His voice is so very sexy and he also sings well, what more can you ask to love a seiyuu~

  121. Hello, Ms. Selena!
    My name is Como.
    Thank you for making me participate in your blog.
    I love Suwabe junichi / Hino Satoshi / Yusa Koji so much(*´∇`*)
    Thank you once again!

  122. Hello, Selena-san and everyone!
    I always thank you !!!
    I'm so happy. Because so many people love the same.
    My favorite voiceactors are Tachibana Shinnosuke, KENN, Kondou Takashi, .....etc....etc....

  123. Hi Selena!

    My name is Clie! I used to only have a couple favorite voice actors but this blog introduced me to so so so many more and I am so grateful! I really like Tachibana Shinnosuke and Suzumura Kenichi, and alll the others! これからもよろしくお願いします♪

  124. Hello Selena-san (and everyone else)!! Thank you for your hard work as always and for approving me :3 ~
    My favorite seiyuu are Tachibana Shinnosuke,Sugita Tomokazu, Terashima Takuma and Suzumura Kenichi...oh and so many others too haha. Thanks again !!

  125. Hi, everyone! Wow, here's so many people.
    My name is bigsolar ^_^ Weird name, huh lol
    My farorite seiyuuuus are Suwabe Junichi, Tsuda Genjiro, Nakai Kazuya, Koyasu Takehito, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Wakamoto Nobuo, Inoue Kazuhiko, and..... my god there's too much
    Anyway, thank you so much for approving me to be the member of this GREEEEEEAT place! THANK YOU, SELENA

  126. Hello, selena!
    Self-introduction, thank you!

    In the part which can cooperate, I support you with every effort.
    これからも宜しく;- )

  127. Hullo Selena!
    Thank you for introducing yourself to us! I really appreciate that.

    My name is harukie--I use it for most of my accounts honestly. (laughs)
    Hirarin was actually one of the seiyuus aside from Waacha and Kajikun that got me into the whole seiyuu buissness xD

    Eventhough at the moment I really,really love Nojima Hiromi because how he has such an ikebo voice in CDs but has such a childish yet loveable persona IRL and also Ono Yuuki who captured my heart because of his overly handsome voice in Otome Drama CDs and the cute noises he made in BLCDs ^q^//

    I also admire seiyuus like Kaji Yuuki, Hatano Wataru, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Fukuyama Jun, Oosaka Ryota and many,many more! (I'll end up talking too much really ;-;)

    Thank you as always! :)

  128. Hello, Selena!

    Thank you for introducing yourself. My name is boza, and I like Hirarin a lot too; my favourite type of voice is when he speaks nasally. You introducided me to many of my favourite seiyuu actually, like Tsuda Kenjirou. I heard him first by listening to Kurayamigatari - he was so scary there!

    Thank you for approving me! I read your rules and once again I promise not to break them. Congratulations on your re-opening, and here's hoping you keep around for a long time!

  129. Hi Selena! I checked this posting little late...

    And thank you for introducing yourself. Hirarin... What a kind voice *▽*... In fact, my favorite voice actor is Toriumi Kouske(♥) but I also like hirarin, Miki Shinichirou, Konishi Katsyuki, Suwabe Junichi, Ishida Akira...... Um, I can't stop it *_*.... I listen to NMCD mostly.

    I am happy to be joined membership and thank you a lot! If you don't mind, I send a mail. It is a night already... I wish we'll be good friends :-) have a nice day!

  130. Thank you for accepting my request! Really thankful!
    I was so sad that you decided to make this blog a private blog. Means not everyone can enjoy. But some people need to be warned not to steal others.
    I hope this time no problems will occur.

    Anyway, though we have completely different fave seiyuu list, I hope we'll get along. Eheheh.....

  131. Hey Selena~!
    Thanks for accepting my request for this site! It's really grateful ^^
    You can call me kimmy, and my fav bias seiyuu is Hirarin~! I love him in all his roles (do-M especially xD) Other than that, I love Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Miyano Mamoru and Maeno Tomoeki. Recently, Tsuda Ken has taken my interest as well with his deep voice ^^
    Hope we can get along :D Oh, and the blog is safe with me ;)

  132. Hello! Serena!!
    Updated Thank you always!
    And, self-introduction Thank you for this time!

    In Japanese living in Japan, I also say I moka name.

    It has said previously, but I am not good at English.
    There may be a strange sentences because they translated in Google Translate.
    I am sorry.

    I also love Hirakawa Daisuke!
    There are many people who like Hino Satoshi, Tachibana Shinnosuke, such as Suzuki Tatsuhisa!

    I love Yandere, feel great days!
    See you, in!

  133. Hi Selena! Thank you for accepting me here. I'll try to write more comments ;) even if English is definitely not my strong point.
    You introduced yourself so nicely so I should do the same
    I'm Lena and I'm totally sold to Tachibana Shinnosuke's voice ^^' haha but I also love Kakihara Tetsuya, Kamiya Hiroshi, Sakurai Takahiro and Suwabe Junichi and... many more.

    and Hirarin awww he is walking me up everyday and I must to say that is very pleasurable ;)

  134. Hi, I am happy to be part of this blog. My online name is hellokittz. I live in Suisse. Age a secret. I love drama cd and my favorites are hirarin, hino satoshi, tetsuya, and others (too many)^_^. I hope that we can be friend from now on.

  135. Hi,
    I also want to thank you again for approving me! I really like this site and I'm glad to be a part of it.
    Thank you for for putting so much effort into uploading and keeping links up!

    There sure are a lot of Hirakawa fans. :D
    I like many voice actors, but if I had to choose favorites, it would probably be Tomokazu Seki, Yuuichi Nakamura, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Takuma Terashima and Katsuyuki Konishi. :D

    よろしくお願いします! (^▽^)

  136. Hello Selena,
    Thank you for this beautiful blog~ x3

    My name is Arisu.
    You're a young working woman? That means I'm younger than you... o 3o
    My favorite seiyuus are Suzumura Kenichi and Kaji Yuuki...

    Nice to meet you! :D

  137. Dear Selena-san

    Thank you for introducing yourself.
    My name is linka.
    I like hearing drama CD,so therefore I am very thankful.
    I also like Ono Yuuki, Suzuki Tatuhisa,Maeno Tomoaki and many more!
    I'm sorry to be poor at English.
    Always thank you!!

  138. Thank you for accept my request !! I hope we will be a good friends and we can talk sometimes. I have a lot of favourite seiyuus but right now I am stucking in Teddy (Kakaihara Tetsuya) In the next year, I think I must become poor because of him but let it be !! (>v<) I am also Tenipuri fan so, I may die for the next year too !! hahahahah

    yoroshiku onegaishimasu !!

    Sorry for my bad English

  139. Hello Selena san!
    My user is rito ria.
    Thank so much for accepting me and your hard work always! Iam very very happy (*´∀`)
    I love KENN / Takasi Kondo / Shinnosuke Tachibana / and Daisuke Hirakawa me too (♥ω♥)
    Thank you so much again!!

  140. Hi, thank you for approving me your friends!
    I'm happy to visit again your blog and I love many voice actors like you.
    Tachibana Shinnosuke, Hino Satoshi, Kaji Yuuki, Tsuda Kenjiro, etc... There are a lot of voice actors I love.

    Thank you very much!

  141. Hello Selena and Every one^^
    I'm glad to be here!
    My favorite seiyuu is Shinosuke Tachibana,Akira Ishida,
    Hikaru Midorikawa(gleen river?lol)...and more!
    Let me be your friend!

  142. Hello everyone..nice to meet you all ^^
    thanks for everyone's hard work so my Terashima Takuma collection updated..I also like other seiyuu like Hikaru Midorikawa, Mamoru Miyano, Taniyama Kishou, Kimura Ryohei and many more
    thanks for having me here :)

  143. Hey Selena!
    Thank you so much for accepting me, I really appreciate it. This site is very helpful to learn and practice my Japanese.
    I am still new to the seiyuu fandom, but I agree, so far I really like Hirakawa Daisuke! I'll have to check out a few of the other names you've listed.

    Again, thank you so much!

  144. Everyone is introducing themselves on the comments, so here I go too! ★
    I'm Luna and I'm from the end of the world (I don't like my country but I can say that is in the south. very. in the south, ahaha). Hopefully I'll be starting college this coming year ★ My English is pretty bad, but I try ahah. My native language is Spanish, and I've been studying Japanese for five years now ;w;
    Favorite seiyuu... I love Ono Daisuke with all my heart ♥! Then Fukuyama Jun and Kamiya Hiroshi follow the list, I love their voices! Kimura Ryouhei and Ono Yuuki also made their way on my top list, ahaha. I like a lot of other seiyuus, but these are my favorites ever!
    I hope we can get along >w<

  145. Hello Selena-san! Thank you so much for your hard work! My love for seiyuu wouldn't be this great if it weren't for your blog actually. I was just starting to venture into the deeper parts of the seiyuu fandom, and a friend introduced me to your blog. I was really happy to have found your blog!
    Seiyuus are indeed dangerous for us seiyuu fans OTL Yet we don't learn our lesson and beg for more of them.
    My top 5 favorite seiyuus are Sakurai Takahiro, Nakazawa Masatomo, Hino Satoshi, Tachibana Shinnosuke, and Kondou Takashi! I have no idea why they would be my top 5 but they just are without me realizing it orz
    I don't usually comment, unless when I'm brimming with courage to (I'm a really shy person to be honest) but I hope we can be friends~ Especially when I learned that you're from the same country as me! >w<

  146. First, Thanks for accepting my request. Your blog is pure heaven for a seiyuu fangirl! x3 I guess everyone will agree with that.
    Because of your blog I became addicted to the Drama cd World and began buying my own cds! xD

    Many thanks to all the uploaders too! ;3

    And for my favs seiyuu, There are too many! ^3^ But I share yours on my list.

    Nice to meet you and all the fangirls here! ;D

  147. Hello Selena-san, other wonderful uploaders, and fellow fan girls! ♥ It's a pleasure to meet you all ^__^
    Thank you so much for accepting my friend request Selena-san. :D It means a lot to me to be a part of this wonderful community ♡
    Also, much thanks to you and the other uploaders who are so generous enough to supply fangirls like me with all these cd's ^^ 本当にありがとうございます~
    Hello to everyone here as well!! I hope we can all get to know each other more as fellow drama cd lovers :3
    I have a lot of favorite seiyuus but some of my top ones would be Hirakawa Daisuke, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Kakihara Tetsuya, and Takahashi Naozumi :)
    Once again much thanks for your wonderful blog Selena-san!!! これからよろしくお願いします!!

  148. Hi, Selena!
    My name is Melissa. It's nice to meet you and everyone else!
    I love many seiyuu (in fact, I can't think of anyone that I don't like)... but my top 5 favorites are Suwabe Junichi, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Morikubo Showtaro, Midorikawa Hikaru, and the lesser-known Tanaka Kokoro-san (♥3♥).
    I'm still learning Japanese. I'm actually better at listening and understanding than speaking, reading, or writing it right now. (^^;)
    Thank you again for allowing me to join the site and be your friend! I appreciate all your hard work and that of the other uploaders, too!! m(_ _)m

  149. Hello.
    Thank you very much for twitter and a blog having entrance permission recognition carried out.
    Since I can visit to your blog again, I am very fortunate.
    and me -- Mr. Daisuke Hirakawa's voice -- it is favorite.
    Thank you very much

  150. Hello Selena-san! Nice to meet you and thank you for the entrance into your lovely blog! ^//^

  151. Hi! Nice to meet you Selena!

    Thanks for accepting me! I really love your blog, It's a little piece of heaven >3.
    My favorite seiyuu is Toriumu Kousuke, but also like Midorikawa Hikaru, Miyano Mamori, Takahiro Sakurai, Hirakawa Daisuke, Kaji Yuuki and more~.

    Thanks again for all you share and sorry for my bad english owoU.

  152. Nice to meet you Selena! I'm Brianna, and my favorite seiyuus would have to be Kaji Yuuki and Hosoyan!

  153. Hello,Selena:)
    I'm Arisa. Thank you for accepting me here.

    My favorite voice actors are Hirakawa Daisuke, Midorikawa Hikaru, Kondo Takashi, Kaji Yuki, etc...
    Their voice make me happy^^

    Thank you so much for your hard work.

  154. Hello Selena-san!
    My name is Nishi.Thank you for approval.
    Thanks to you, I met Hirarin,Tomokazu Seki and many voice actors!!
    I can not thank you enough!

  155. Hello Selena-san//
    I'm korean,living in Korea(mm)
    My name is Se-Ah!
    And thanks for your self-introduction♡
    My favorite seiyuu is Tachibana Shinnosuke san,so I'm glad to have the same interest with you(^p^)
    항상 잘 부탁드립니다!!ლ( ╹ ◡ ╹ ლ)

  156. always thanks for the links *^^* and from now on also
    I get to know more about seiyuu here...thanks a lot ><
    my favorite is hiro shimono *^^*
    and from now on too よろしく :3

  157. Hello Selena, thank you for approving me and for sharing these works~

    Very nice introduction, it's nice to know a bit more about you. My favorite seiyuus are Tomokazu Sugita, Kaji Yuuki, Mamoru Miyano, Hiroshi Kamiya, Namikawa Daisuke, Suzumura Kenichi, Akira Ishida, Fukuyama Jun and many more.

    Again, thank you for letting me join.

  158. Slena Hello!
    It is very happy to be part really thank you friend approval
    I am very grateful upload ^ ^
    I love Sakurai Kamiya, thank you please get along I (v `*)

  159. Glad to be with you again Selena-san <3
    I'm very happy you approved me as your friend
    Since you gave us an introduction I will share mine too ^v^
    My real name is georgia and I'm from greece
    My fav seiyuu is Hirakawa Daisuke , Matsukaze Masaya , Suzuki Tatsuhisa , Akira Ishida, Namikawa Daisuke and Showtaro Morikubo ;)

  160. Oh btw my nickname is espada4 ;)
    Sorry for the double post :'(

  161. Hello, Selena.
    Thank you for approval and your introduction.
    My name is Joo-young. My friends call me 'Joo'. I am Korean. I live South Korea.
    My favorite seiyuu is Takahashi Naozumi. And I love Hirakawa Diske, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Toriumi Kousuke, Midorikawa Hikaru also.

    My English skill is not good. Please understand me and I am so sorry for e-mails that I sent to you several times because of my login problem.

    Thank you.^^

  162. Thank you soooo much~~~Here is the best site for drama CD!

  163. Thank you for approving and of course, you and everyone's updates as always! I'm really thankful for it.
    I'm so happy that you like Tsukkun too! He's my favourite seiyuu and I don't really know many people that like him haha.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful site again!

  164. 初めましてSelena-san! (& all the other fangirls here)

    No worries about emailing some of us back late, we all have lives and other things that can get in the way sometimes, you do a lot of hard work to keep this blog running!! We really appreciate that.

    Hirarin is such a great seiyuu! You have a lot of my favorites on your list too. Hehe. I also really like Suzuki Tatsuhisa. *u* I'm glad you like Midorin too, a lot of people I know don't!! TT__TT Ahhh, there are so many more good seiyuu... Kaji Yuuki, Toriumi Kousuke, Sakurai Takahiro, Kimura Ryouhei... I don't think the list will end!!

    In the future I hope it's okay to e-mail you and share some of my Drama CDs ((if they don't appear here first, you get them up so fast ^^;))

    I look forward to being part of this site and friends with everyone~~ ~\(^_^)/

  165. Konnichiwa! Selena! san
    Thanks you for accepting me.
    My Name is "Jam" Nice to meet you.
    I love your blog so much.
    My favorite seiyuu is Miyano Mamoru san desu!

  166. Hello Selena!
    Thank you so much ,for accepting me!
    I love Hirakawa daisuke too..*^^*
    and my favorite is Suzuki Tastuhisa. his voice is so sexy..T.T

  167. Hi, Selena!
    Thanks again for your approve and I'm glad to know more about you :D
    My nickname is kajik, as you can see from my nickname, my favorite seiyuu is Kaji Yuuki!
    And Hirakawa Daisuke is also one of my favorite seiyuu since he made me addicted with seiyuu♡
    I'm glad that your favorite seiyuus are almost same with mine :)
    Always appreciate for your hard works and I promise I'll never break the rule.
    Sorry for my poor english and late comment on this post.
    I hope we get along well.
    Have a nice day! :D

  168. Hello. Selena-san! :D
    Thank you for approval ^__^
    My name is... well, on English it will be Catherine, I think. :D
    My favorite seiyuus are: Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Taniyama Kishou, Morikubo Showtaro, Kimura Ryohei, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Kaji Yuuki, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Kondou Takashi, Takahashi Hiroki, Shimono Hiro, Toriumi Kousuke, Suwabe Junichi... And this is not the end of my list XDD Sorry :D
    Thank you for this amazing blog! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

  169. I also introduce myself. I know my English is not good and not bad, I just need practice. I'm a positive person.
    I like the drama cds. I depend on them, perhaps? I like a lot of seiyuus. Toriumi Kousuke, Sakurai Takahiro, Hirakawa Daisuke, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Miyano Mamoru, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Midorikawa Hikaru, Kondo Takashi, Kishio Daisuke, Ishida Akira and I can continue for a long time O (≧ ▽ ≦) O
    Such gorgeous voices ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Thanks you for this amazing blog!
    Me and my ears thanks you a lot for sharing all those dramas~

  170. Hello Selena! Thank you for your approval and introduction ^^ My most favorite Seiyuu is Hirarin, too! I also love Terashima Takuma and Morikawa Toshiyuki.../// I hope we can share many things about Seiyuu! Nice to meet you.

  171. Hiii Selena-sama :3 I see my introduction is very late (so many comments before me! you popular girl~)!
    My name is SleepHolic (or Joanne, doesn't matter), and I am a HUGE fan of yours <3 I'm so glad you allowed me to be the member of this fantastic blog!
    If you have any request for Doujin CDs, I'll try my best to upload that CD on my blog as soon as possible as a thank you!
    Hirarin is just so juicy and gentle and sexy and just so GOOD in general :3 I totally understand why you like him~
    I'll try to comment in most posts and visit every day! +w+
    Let's continue this friendship for a very long time~ love you <3

    1. Hello Sleepholic! I wanted to greet you as soon as I saw your name! I'm happy that Selena-sama accepted both of our applications! And I'm really happy that Sempai noticed you! ^_^

      I am known as Dalisay Andaw and I have been a lurker of your blog for a time now (I haven't left a comment yet, though T_T). I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your efforts so far and now, as fellow fangirl and user of this blog, kore kara mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

  172. Hello!Selena- san
    Thank you very much for accepting meヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  173. 分かりました。よろしくお願いします。

  174. Hi Selena-san,
    Thanks very much for accepting me >m<
    I also like Hirarin~! <3 I like him from Hayato (SutaSuka)
    But my first fav is Irino Miyu and Tachibana Shinnosuke <3
    Miyu is so cute >///<

  175. Hi Selena~ Thank you for accepting me :- D
    As I've introduced myself in the e-mail, I love seiyuus and my currently favorite seiyuu is Kaji Yuuki.
    But I also love Hirarin and all of the other seiyuus that you've mentioned in this post! X-D I just simply love seiyuus..!!
    And of course I love your blog too X-D !
    Thanks once again and have a wonderful day!

  176. Hello, Selena!
    Thank you as always!
    I'm very happy and accustomed to your friends with you!
    I also love the Midorikawa Hikaru and hirarin.
    Like most is, it is Kishio Daisuke ^ ^


  177. Hi Selena san,
    Thank you for accepting me~
    My favorite Seiyuu are Midorikawa Hikaru, Toriumi Kousuke, Kishio Daisuke, Namikawa Daisuke and Hirarin too!^^

    Jnj JuJi

  178. Hi Selena-sama~
    Thank you for all your hard work!
    I'm Tiffany. My favourite seiyuu are Tachibana Shinnosuke, Kondo Takeshi, Sugita Tomokazu, Hirarin and Toru Okawa... (Yesh, ojisan >3
    I promise I'll follow the rules and be good *w*

  179. Hi Selena-san!

    Thank you for everything you've done up 'til now!
    I'm Beverly (aka Bevi). And I have a whole buncha seiyuu that I love: Yuki Kaji, Tattsun, Miyano Mamoru, Hirarin, Sugitan, Terashii. The list goes on and on. =w=

    Keep up the hard work~

  180. Hello Selena san,

    Thanks a lot for approval to access your blog! I think everyone here appreciate your hard work for bring us tons of dramas and anime songs!!
    I am surprised that you are Hiragawa's fan! I love his voice from gentleman to DoS too. And this is one of the reason that I love your blog as I can always find Hiragawa's source here.
    I hope everyone will have a good time and very best for Selena san!

  181. Hello Selena!!

    Thanks for accepting me!♥ I absolutely love your blog, since I've discovered Drama CDs I've become addicted, and here I can find so many of them :)

    It's also a big help when trying to improve my japanese, so I really appreciate the effort everyone on the blog makes :D

    Thanks again! ♥♥

  182. How do you do?
    And thank you for becoming a friend!
    I also love Mr. Hirakawa.
    Is not it very healing voice
    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

  183. Thank you for sending email to me as a friend. ^^
    I like him too, his voice is really good.
    I am really happy to be your friend. Thank you again!!

  184. Dear "Selena"
    Thank you for having me approved.
    I sent the email of thanks to Selena.
    I send a lot of thanks to you. .・:*:`☆、。

  185. This comment has been removed by the author.

  186. Thank you for approval!
    I also like Hirakawa :D So sweet voice~
    I'm so glad that you are a good friend. I feeling happy <3<3

  187. Dearest Serena<3

    Thanks a lot for allowing me to be your "riend on airavalky again *A*
    I love Hirarin's voice too! It's so addictive and I really like
    the yasahii-ness he has in his voice when he does some characters
    and his sexy voice in other characters >//3//< I just die everytime I listen.
    Eguchi and Jun-chan is just too much cuteness!!! /dies
    I love love love Grell a lot so- that explains why I love Jun too<3

    Hope to be able to chat with you some day Serena<3 *adds you on twitter*

  188. Dear.SELENA
    Thank you for accepting me!!! T_T♥♥

  189. Hello, Selena san! ^_^
    Thank you for accepting me and nice to meet you!
    I love hirarin's voice too ~♥♥

  190. Hi Selena!

    Thank you for accepting me!^^
    I like all of the seiyuu that u have mentioned above also Ono Daisuke and Hirarin is one of my favorite too!
    Really appreciate your hard work putting on this blog thank you so much!!

  191. Selena-saan~~ ;__; I forgot to thank u a lot for accept and considerate me as your friend n_n

    Really, I admire you and your hard work in this blog.. and thanks to you I could meet more male seiyuus *//////*

    I hope this blog will continue for a longer time :3

    Hooo.. are you a Hirarin's big fan?! *///* Sugeee~ I like his voice too, but my favorite male seiyuu is OnoD *//∇//* (I love him so much!! uwu) Also I'm in love with Tachibana-san, Shimasaki-san, Morita-san, HiroC, Tattsun, OnoYuu, and many more *////////*

    Really, I hope that we will be good friends n_n Also, keep your great work! :3

    よろしく!( /*∇*)/

    (Sorry for my bad (?) english uwu I'm from Chile ^^U)

  192. Just let me say again, thank you for accepting me.
    It's very nice too meet you too

  193. Hi, Selena!
    I am happy that I could come here again.Thank you!
    I like Morikawa Toshiyuki and Miki Shinichiro XD
    I want favorite Seiyuu to play an active part for a long time.

  194. yohoo~XDD thanks for all the hard work you've put for this blog and make all of us fangirls happy with dem lovely cds and stuff *q* will definetely appreciate the efforts you put into this blog ^^ keep up the good work~

  195. Selena!!!!!
    i love hiraring too! He is so nurturing haha
    I like voice of ishida san and majority of other seiyuus.
    I prefer soft toned voices.The seiyuus are just awesome.
    Glad to know you and your awesome blog. And other people here as well. Hope we have a chance to get to know each other and continue as a seiyuu loving community.
    Keep up the good work for uploaders and love from supporters <3
    Merry christmas and happy new year2014.

  196. hi-Selena san!!

    thanks for your accepting!
    im so happy to meet u here again!!! :D
    i love Morikubo Show chan voice and his song so much!
    tomorrow i will meet him at OREAPARA!! yey!!
    of course i like Hiralyn's voice too!

    Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  197. Hi Selena san

    Thank you for accepting me.
    My favorite seiyuu-san ara Hiroshi Kamiya,Junichi Swabe.
    Thank you very much busy schedule.
    Nice to meet you in the future.

  198. Hello Selena-san~! Minako here under the name Seiragaki.

    I apologize for this being a little late, but thank you so much for accepting me! It's an honour~! (ノ*゜▽゜*)

    We have a lot of favourite seiyuu in common, hehe. I'd have to say Morikubo Showtaro is my absolute favourite, though. u w u


    I hope you have a very merry Christmas/happy holidays, and a wonderful New Year!


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