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Tsujisaki Gakuen Seitokai no Himitsu secret.03 Hinomiya Tsubaki

Release date : 2013.11.13

CV : 
Margarine Tengu (マーガリン天狗) a.k.a Fujiwara Yuuki (藤原祐規) 
as Hinomiya Tsubaki (日宮翼希)

320kb with booklet

Track list :
01 [1st week] 契約を知った男
02 [1st week] 猫が魔女に呪いをかけた
03 [2nd week] 秘密に触れた
04 [2nd week] 引き換えに甘いまどろみを
05 [2nd week] Kiss you good night.
06 [3rd week] 空腹な猫
07 [3rd week] 魔女の誘惑はバニラの香り
08 [4th week] 絡みつくキャンディの鎖
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  1. thank u very much, Rena-san!

  2. I'm very pleased because I love Mr. Tengu!

  3. Thank you! I listened this CD.
    If you listen this CD, I recommend that listen from vol.1~

  4. thanks so much~
    love it >___<


  5. This is my favourite among the Tsujisaki Gakuen boys! His aegi-goe is so sexy!


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