Posted by : Selena Lie Tuesday, 12 November 2013

ドウセイカレシシリーズ ~Butterfly Lip~ 
Dousei Kareshi Series ~Butterfly Lip~
Developer: BlackButterfly
Release Date: September 27, 2013

一之瀬慧 Ichinose Kei (CV: Kishio Daisuke)
姫野一陽 Himeno Kazuhi (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)
小鳥遊みちる Takanashi Michiru (CV: Nakamura Kou)

download source:
*I'm not copy paste or exposing the download links, I only link it to the thread*

Please read here (FAQ, Password, and info) first before asking. Thank you. 
See password based on the uploader (Selena/no credit, minnadaisuki, Rena, Caren, Gagu)
The others will mention on the post. Thank you to the uploaders ^_^

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  1. cannot download
    it needs ID and password for this website ;
    can you please upload this file to MF or baidu??

    1. sorry, not allowed to reupload. I will add another web, If I found it.

    2. others site uproad please

    3. Registration takes about a minute, I don't see what's your problem. ._.


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