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Double Score ~quarrel×love~ 聖夜の場合
Double Score ~quarrel×love~ Seiya no Baai

Release date : 2013.09.27

CV : Hirakawa Daisuke (平川大輔) as Seiya (聖夜)

320kb with booklet


Track list :
01. これほどイイもんだとは思わなかった
02. どう苛められたいんだ?
03. 俺の女に軽々しく触んな……殺すぞ
04. あの…馬鹿っ!
05. ……こっちはたまってんだよ
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  1. Can you upload on mf or baidu please?!?

  2. the link is mistaken for the other, is the same in both cases...

  3. the link is mistaken for Double Score ~quarrel×love~ 斎賀琉衣の場合...upload please!!

  4. Wrong link, it's the same as Double Score ~quarrel×love~ 斎賀琉衣の場合, please check it and reupload please. Thank you!

    1. you mean baidu link isn't it?
      I've fixed it

    2. Thank you so much for fixing it. Really appreciate your work and time.

  5. Thank you so much!

  6. Can you please upload "Double Score Quarrel x Love Shirosaki Rio no Baai"? It was released on August 30, it seems you skipped it's release ^^;;

    And thanks once again for the uploads! =D

  7. Hi, for the baidu link, after downloading, it says the file is corrupted. Can you reload as MF? Thanks.


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