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吸血ダーリン case.3 国内結婚・ホスト編
Kyuuketsu Darling case.3 Kokunai Kekkon・Host Hen

CV : Taniyama Kishou (谷山紀章) as Sakuraba Ryuuto (桜庭流斗)

Release date : 2013.09.25


Track list :
01 始まりの物語
02 甘い痺れ
03 相互吸血1~彼と私の業(カルマ)~ ♥
04 運命の巡り合わせ ♥
05 期限つきの関係
06 本当の気持ち ♥
07 相互吸血2~1年後の二人~ ♥
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  1. Kiiyannn! >_<;;; Thank you so much! My fav seiyuu ever!

  2. kyaaaaaa thank you Rena-sama thank you very much

  3. Thank you I'm also looking forward to case 4

  4. Thank you very much I was looking forward to this. ;A; THANK YOU!!

  5. Thank you very much!

  6. I was looking for this!! Thank you!!

  7. I wanted this very much! Thank you!
    By the way, is there any schedule which 辻咲学園生徒会の秘密 secret.01 瑳上詠二 uploads? I want you to carry out it by all means. Thank you for your consideration .:)


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