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トリック・オア・アリス シチュエーションドラマCD 星に願えば ~01 シャドウ&ライト&ラウンド編~
Torikku・oa・Arisu Shichueeshon Dorama CD Hoshi ni Negaeba ~01 Shadow & Raito & Round Hen~

Release date : 24.07.2013

Label : Frontier Works

Drama CD based on PC game

Cast :
Yajiuma Konjou (野次馬根性) a.k.a Hino Satoshi as Shadow & Raito (シャドウ&ライト)
San’notori (三酉) a.k.a Kimura Ryouhei as Round (ラウンド)

P.S : Please, correct me if I’m wrong about the cast, since I’d only depending on my ears as I listened to their voice >.<

320kb without booklet

Track list :
01. シャドウ & ライト編~アリスと二人の旦那樣 1
02. アリスと二人の旦那樣 2
03. アリスと二人の旦那樣 3
04. アリスと二人の旦那樣 4
05. ラウソド編~ラウンドの青春ストーリー 1
06. ラウンドの青春ストーリー 2
07. ラウンドの青春ストーリー 3
08. オマクドラマ~双子とアリスの戀愛作戰
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  1. Oh ! Thank you so much !!!!!

  2. Some of the files aren't opening...
    ; A ;

  3. Will you be uploading to host sites other than 4shared later? I definitely cannot download from 4shared.

  4. IINM ^^:

    Minase Arisa (Alice) - Isshiki Hikaru (Tanaka Ryouko)
    Minase Shizuku (Black Rabbit) - Koutei (Tachibana Shinnosuke)
    Kisaragi Ren (Round) - Santori (Kimura Ryouhei)
    Kurotani Nao (Cheshire Cat) - Kashiwagi Homare (Nojima Hirofumi)
    Kamijou Touya (Shadow) - Yajiuma Konjou (Hino Satoshi)
    Kamijou Asagi (Light) - Yajiuma Konjou (Hino Satoshi)
    Tokitou Tsukasa (Chrono) - Houden Teigatsu (Morikawa Toshiyuki)

  5. Why do seiyuus use pseudonym in this cd?

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