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オジサマ専科Vol.9 The Noble Class~可憐な相続人~
Release Date: 2013/5/29

Kyuji Sonoeda 園枝厩時 : Mugihito 麦人
Ayahito Minobe 美濃部綾人: Katsuji Mori 森功至
Makoto Shinguji 真宮寺誠: Yasunori Matsumoto 松本保典


1. プロローグ
2. 対立
3. お屋敷の生活
4. 西の塔
5. 和解
6. 解決へ
7. オジサマ

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  1. Thank you so much for finding this. Unfortunately the baidu link keeps dying on me. Is there any way you can upload it onto a different site? Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. For Firefox, the browser is the connection error. Other browsers can be connected successfully. [Google Chrome] & [Sleipnir] was OK.

  3. thank you so much
    but,can i Request Ojisama Senka 8

  4. love this series but cant download this one. orz
    could you upload this on mf please.
    i cant create baidu account cause it needs Chinese mobile number to do it.whaa--TAT


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