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42ネ申 No.05 Fiddle〜僕らの歩く道〜
42Gami No.05 Fiddle〜Bokura no Aruku Michi〜

「Ore wa shinigami da。…… Ano ojou-san no inochi、 kanarazu ubatte kuru yo」

Cast :
Maeno Tomoaki (前野智昭) as Fiddle (フィドル)
Koyasu Takehito (子安武人) as Owari no kuni no monban (終わりの国の門番)

Release date : 26.06.2013

320kb without booklet

Track list :
01. Prelude “Fiddle”
02. Knockin'on heaven's door
03. Kiss of prince
04. Runner!
05. キミの真実
06. ボクの真実
07. Do you love me?
08. セカイのハザマ
09. Finale “Fiddle”
10. Extra Track
11. Encore #1
12. Encore #2
13. Encore #3
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  1. OMG thank you so so so so much!!!!!! 42gami is one of my favorite series!

  2. i can't download it...when i press download on MF it said the link is broken ;A;


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