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Inwaku no Hakoniwa
The Miniature Garden of Lustful Delusions

Cast :

Lilianne           -                Leon              -              Luciano

Higeuchi Waruta a.k.a Takeuchi Ryota (髭内悪太) as Leon(レオン) 
Murasakihara Haruka a.k.a Suzuki Chihiro (紫原遥) as Luciano (ルチアーノ)

Scenario writer : Matsutake Ume (松竹梅)
Illustrator : Wada Peco (和田ベコ)

Release date : 03.06.2013

A collaboration between Operetta and Sonya Bunko.

Recorded using dummy-head-mic, this is another multi-end drama CD from Operetta that released in the same day as the novel version by Sonya Bunko.

「Kurete yarou、 ai igai nara nandemo。」

In this continent there are three countries : Aluxia, Nebraia, and Kinisis.
Aluxia and Nebraia have been in a long lasting, relationship with each other. While Kinisis has a history as a country that like to invading another country, and it got separated from the others.

To maintain the balance with Kinisis, the first princess of Aluxia, Lilianne, got engaged with Luciano, the young king from Nebraia. 

However, one night, the emperor from Kinisis, Leon, invaded Aluxia and kidnapped Princess Lilianne and make her his.

For both destroying her country and violating her, Lilianne swore a revenge for Leon.


Track list :
Disk 1 :
01. 緑の迷宮
02. 落城
03. 覚めない悪夢
04. 偽りの庭園

Disk 2 :
05. 救出
06. ルチアーノとの蜜月
07. エンド1「いつかの殺意」
08. エンド2「復讐の果てに」

Disk 3 :
09. レオンの真実
10. エンド3「レオンとの蜜月」

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