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Bathtime lovers VOL.01 同年(タメ)の彼 YUKI
Bathtime lovers Vol.01 Dounen (Tame) no Kare YUKI
Release date : 31.05.2013 
Label : Chocokurage
Scenario : Aoi Konbu 
Illustration : Kagekawa Usako

Cast :Okitsu Kazuyuki (興津和幸)

320kb without booklet

Track list :
01. ただいま、はに~ちゃん。
02. つのつくりお兄さん。
03. こっちがいいの。
04. ちゃんとしようね。
05. おやすみの前に……。
06. おはよう、今日も頑張ろうね。
07. キャストさんのおしゃべり。
08. ボーナストラック
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  1. Thanks!! *^*
    I was waiting for this one too *--*

  2. Thanks Rena >w<

  3. Thank you for this.
    But I'm sorry, may I ask why Rena uploads the files to 4shared lately? I think MF is much more convenient. I get problems with 4shared all the time.
    I don't mean to complain, I'm just asking.. :)

    1. Hi there.

      The reason is because MF got slow in my place from a few days ago T.T

      Before I upload this and a few others on 4shared, I tried on MF. Have failed 10times and I decided to put this on 4shared.

      If you don't mind, could you tell me what you usually use, beside MF and 4shared? If I can, I'll try to upload on there :)


    2. You're so nice! >.<

      Other than MF, Sharebeast works fine for me.
      I'm downloading this right now (from 4shared), but it keeps on stopping after a few MBs. It's been hours now, but it's just got 30% downloaded so far T_T
      But I'll try to finish it, so you don't have to reupload this particular CD again, thanks. :)

      I hope MF will work fine for you again soon, so you'll be able to use it for the next CDs. But if MF is still slow, would you consider using Sharebeast as the alternative? But I don't know if the other downloaders agree with with me though.

      Thanks anyway Rena and Selena! ^_^

    3. I can use Sharebeast all the same, but yeah, I don't know about the others...

      Hmm, let's go like this. I will always try on MF first. If MF didn't work, I'll switch to the other. If I give 4shared link and it didn't work for you-or for anyone else-tell me, please, and I'll re-upload it on Sharebeast as soon as I can.

      How about that??


    4. 4shared always gives me the above problems, actually. But if everyone else is fine with 4shared, then I guess I have to bear with the problems. >.<

      But yeah, I agree that MF should be the priority :)

  4. Untuk Indonesian! you gotta check this one!

  5. Thank you so much this CD is sooo cute ><!!

  6. Agree... Indonesian gotta hear this :v
    lookslike his niichan spent honeymoon at バリー o3o
    Akirnya ada juga yang ngomongin Indo wwwwww
    Anyway, 4shared really work very fine for me coz i always can't download from MF... gotta use wifi for MF TTATT
    So, thankyou very much owo

  7. indonesia desu... #angkat tangan#

  8. Thanks for the upload! But 4shared is not working with me. :( I wonder if MF works for you now?

    1. never mind! I figured it out! ><

  9. anou.... I wish there were translations....i!iya!!! nandemunai!! >///< gomene!!

  10. Thank youuu!! Ajasdahdash he's so cute, I was listening to this while walking on the street and couldn't stop giggling :3


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