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Koezaru wa Akai Hana〜Omoi wa Eikyuu ni Katari Tsugarete〜

An R18 otome game for PC developed by Operetta Due.

Sorry, MF won't let me upload this no matter how much I tried for two day. So bear with 4shared for now. I'll try for MF as soon as I can ^^; ~Rena~


Tachibana Shinnosuke (皇帝)
as Touya (トーヤ)
Miyashita Eiji (堀川忍)
as Suren (スレン)
Suzuki Chihiro (紫原遥)
as Nooru (ノール)
Nakazawa Masatomo (佐和真中) as Ruji (ルジ) 
Sugiyama Noriaki (紀之)
 as Naran (ナラン)

Odagiri Hyuuma (小田切リョーマ)
as Sefu (セフ)
Sanraku Shou (三楽章)
as Esuta (エスタ)
Yukinoaya Shiro (雪ノ彩シロ)
as Uru (ウル)

Track list:
Disc 1:
01. 静寂
02. OP 主題歌「越えざるは紅い花」Full ver
03. ナスラの闇
04. 穏やかな空虚
05. 思惑
06. 揺れる思い
07. 温かい時間
08. 遠い日々
09. 敵
10. 夜更けの月
11. 心躍る瞬間
12. 断たれた望み
13. 歩む姿
14. 企み
15. 過ちの果て
16. ぬくもり
17. 襲来
18. いつかの約束
19. 未来へ繋ぐ心
20. ED 主題歌「永遠の名」Full ver

Disc 2:
01. トーヤ「全てを捧げて」(CV.皇帝)(主人公声有り)
01. トーヤ「全てを捧げて」(CV.皇帝)(主人公声無し)
02. スレン「継ぐ愛」(CV.堀川忍)(主人公声有り)
02. スレン「継ぐ愛」(CV.堀川忍)(主人公声無し)
03. ノール「川底の気付き」(CV.紫原遥)(主人公声有り)
03. ノール「川底の気付き」(CV.紫原遥)(主人公声無し)
04. ルジ「口付けの思い出」(CV.佐和真中)(主人公声有り)
04. ルジ「口付けの思い出」(CV.佐和真中)(主人公声無し)
05. ナラン「夫婦の勉強」(CV.紀之)(主人公声有り)
05. ナラン「夫婦の勉強」(CV.紀之)(主人公声無し)
06. セフ「独占」(CV.小田切ヒョーマ)(主人公声有り)
06. セフ「独占」(CV.小田切ヒョーマ)(主人公声無し)
07. エスタ「いつかの褒美」(CV.三楽章)(主人公声有り)
07. エスタ「いつかの褒美」(CV.三楽章)(主人公声無し)
08. ウル「罪と告白」(CV.雪ノ彩シロ)(主人公声有り)
08. ウル「罪と告白」(CV.雪ノ彩シロ)(主人公声無し)

Tokuten〜Nidome no Kyuukon:
01. スレン「二度目の求婚」(CV.堀川忍)(主人公声有り)
02. スレン「二度目の求婚」(CV.堀川忍)(主人公声無し)
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If files uploaded by Rena or from Rena, see password for Rena's files.

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  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy, thx, Selena.

    & happy belated birthday <3

  2. Thank you so much! :))) Happy belated birthday! ^__^

  3. thanks for this!! ...but can you split it into parts since my internet doesn't have the best speed in the world =_=lll

    1. I'm still in the middle of uploading this on MF. Please check back tomorrow ^^


    2. thank you very much!! i'll go check tomorrow then! ^v^

  4. ...there's a girl seiyuu.... :(
    i kinda wanted the characters to talk to me. LOL

    1. There are two track with the same name, right? The first one, yes, with the girl's seiyuu. The second is without it. Check it ^^


    2. means the situations in the first CD is with the girl's voice?
      just asking, since the internet is terrible where im at now and its going to take 5 hours to download LOL

    3. Um, disc 1 is the soundtrack. Disc 2 is the drama CD.

      In disc 2, there are two track with the same name. As example:
      01. トーヤ「全てを捧げて」(CV.皇帝)(主人公声有り)
      01. トーヤ「全てを捧げて」(CV.皇帝)(主人公声無し)

      主人公声有り is the track that there's girl seiyuu. 主人公声無し is the track without it. If you want the chara talk only to you, just listen to the second track. XD

      If you got problem with 4shared, just wait for MF. I'm almost finish in there ^^


    4. ohhhhhh i see~~
      thanks so much for telling XDD
      and its not 4shared problem, its just my internet speed problem >___<

      anyways, thanks for all your efforts, i really appreciate it~! =D

  5. Thank you for your hard work Rena !! (T v T)

  6. Sweetie thank you very much! <333

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhh thanks so much for sharing!


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