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ぺろぺろ男子 Bitter White Day
Release date: March 14, 2013

穴吹奈津 (あなぶきなつ) : 逢坂良太 | Anabuki Natsu: Ōsaka Ryōta
蜂巣蜜雄 (はちすみつお) : 谷地克文 | Hachisu Mitsuo: Yachi Katsufumi
冷川零児 (ひえかわれいじ) : 白井悠介 | Hiekakawa Reiji: Shirai Yūsuke

Finally found this but, only 96kbps and no bk

320kb without booklet
Password : pleasurerena87

1. オープニング~ホワイトデイ~
2. ぺろぺろティータイム~ホワイトデイ~
3. 彼女は何がほしい?
4. ビターホワイトデイ
5. おれのドーナツ
6. 俺のホットケーキ
7. わいのシェイク
8. 魅惑のビターゴールデンドロップ
9. 後味はビターチョコ
10. ぺろぺろフリートーク~ホワイトデイ~

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  1. thank you!!! its so hard to find this!

  2. Words cannot describe how happy I was to see this here. I've had the worst time trying to buy this CD off fromjapan 8A8

  3. What's this about?

    Please reply <3

  4. Thank you very much!
    I hope a higher quality version will be available somewhere.

  5. Thanks ♡ theres so much new interesting drama CD this month ♡
    Btw I wonder.. How about consider to use google drive for upload the drama CD?
    Last time I donwloaded Ragnarok Valkyrie for android from google drive and the speed was good..
    But sky drive is also fine with me owo
    Otsukaresama ~♪

  6. Thank you thank you thank you thank you so much!! I love you so much for posting this omg <33333333

    Are you going to post the Sweet one as well?

  7. Thank you very much!!!

    I want to hear Sweet Valentine's Day, too...


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