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Ni bun no Ni Kareshi-Tenshi to Akuma~Kanojo no Haato wa Ore no Mono~

 CV : 
岡本信彦 as  ヒナタ and セツナ 
(Okamoto Nobuhiko as Hinata and Setsuna)
Angel – Hinata ヒナタ, “Don’t stay so far away, come closer to me!
Birthday is 30 May, 18 years old in human appearance, cheerful and likeable, likes girls, skillful with his hands and good at cooking. Helpful and has good knowledge of the human world.

Devil – Setsuna セツナ “If you don’t want to die, then make sure you don’t spoil my mood.
Birthday is 19 April, 18 years old in human appearance, arrogant and overbearing, enjoys picking a fight, thinks humans are lowly organisms, not familiar with human world.

Password : pleasurerena87

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  1. Sugoi!! Nobu-chan IS an angel :3 Thanks a lot!! I'll listen to it right away!!

  2. OMG I LOVE the app this drama CD is based upon!! Thank you so much! I've been looking all over! X3

  3. Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu !!!!! (^_^)

  4. Thank you so much !!
    I love Okamoto Nobuhiko , ANGEL !

  5. Dayum I LOVE the apps so this is a MUST for me! >3 thanks!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I only knew about the app, I didn't realise that there was a drama CD even. Love Hinata~ XDD


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