Posted by : Selena Lie Saturday, 27 April 2013

超接近型・ささやき密着CD6 〜名探偵・蜜之城月彦の密室ミステリー〜
Chou Sekkin-gata Sasayaki Mitchaku CD 6〜Meitantei・Mitsunojou Tsukihiko no Misshitsu Misuterii〜
Release date: 24.04.2013

CV :
 櫻井孝宏 (Sakurai Takahiro) as 蜜之城月彦 (Mitsunojou Tsukihiko)

Password : pleasurerena87

Track list :
01. 名探偵、現る
02. 事情聴取 その1
03. 密着再現ドラマ 容疑者その1・庭師
04. 事情聴取 その2
05. 密着再現ドラマ 容疑者その2・コンシェルジュ
06. 事情聴取 その3
07. 密着再現ドラマ 容疑者その3・ドアマン
08. 現場検証そして真相へ
09. もう一つの真相
10. キャストコメント

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  1. Thank you for the upload! But I'm afraid every time I download it and extract the file it shows an error. Does it need to be reuploaded?

    1. I've tried it, and it work well to me.

      Either you have to download it again, because maybe when you download the first time, your internet connection got down so the the file isn't complete.

      Or are you using winrar to unzip it? If yes, you should try use 7zip to unzip it. Because sometimes, there are files that winrar failed to unzip.

      If it didn't help either, then I don't know what's wrong. Tell me which track that error, and I'll try to re-upload that track in 4shared.


  2. I also encounter the same thing. But the file was complete (193Mb) and I tried to unzip it with 7zip like you suggested but it still show an error on all track. What should I do?

    1. Ahhh nevermind. I solve my own question


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