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Release Date 2008年11月28日 
レーベル: honeybee
シナリオ ゆうま
イラスト けら
BGM 作曲

小野大輔 Ono Daisuke
平川大輔 Hirakawa Daisuke

thanks to ponyoshinki

[Track List]
01 フロスキンを服用する前に
02 お風呂の中て?ストレッチ1~疲れているときは?~
03 お風呂の中て?ストレッチ2~筋肉痛になっちゃいそうな時は?~
04 お風呂の中て?ストレッチ3~お腹のお肉をと?うにかしたい時は?~
05 お風呂の中て?ストレッチ4~リラックスしたい時は?~
06 川名と楽しくお風呂に入ろう
07 川名と一緒にお風呂て?お話しよう
08 お風呂に入る前に準備しよう
09 勝野か?教える夜にオススメの入浴法
10 お風呂の入り方1~冷え性を治そう~
11 お風呂の入り方2~肩こりを治そう~
12 勝野と楽しくお風呂に入ろう
13 勝野と一緒にお風呂て?お話しよう
14 入浴剤を入れよう
15 2人か?教える朝にオススメの入浴法
16 お風呂は50まて?数えてからて?ましょう
17 2人と一緒にお風呂て?お話しよう
18 フロスキンを服用した後に

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  1. I'm really thankful, Selena-san!

    When this series was released, I was really curious about the "medicine" idea. I was wondering if it was about relaxing the listener, something like "healing the listener after a stressful day".
    But I listened a little now and it's not exactly like that, it's more like two male characters who somehow live with the listener are giving some advices to keep health in different situations. It occurs that these situations are stressful or tiring ones. ^^'

    Also, I was expecting that Ono-san would use his super manful tone, but it turned out to be a sweet and calm tone from a young man who use "boku" to refer to himself. :) On the other hand, Hirakawa-san plays an energetic but gentle young man.

    Can you say I'm after all happy? XD
    Well, thank you very much :D

    1. I listen this before go to bed. They said I must sleep now, but I cannot sleep at all after that XD

    2. I do understand it.
      I did it too before, but it's so moe to me that it keeps me anxious about what comes next from those sweet voices, so I can't sleep after listening it at all. XD

  2. Ow, there are approach and sweet talk from the boys too! Now, I'm REALLY happy XD

  3. I will keep this forever in my folder and listen to it whenever I have a really bad day :3
    Thank you for the upload! <3


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