Posted by : Selena Lie Monday, 18 February 2013

ミツバチ声薬シリーズ.Vol.08 強烈若様~銀の粒~[若本規夫]

Release Date 2008/12/5
シナリオ 健部伸明
イラスト けら
BGM  作曲

若本規夫 Wakamoto norio

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  1. I just have to say that it's exactly what I was expecting to be: CRACK. Oh gosh, when it has "Wakamoto Norio" involved, it will be OBVIOUSLY bizarre.
    When I'm listening it, I just can't take the picture of Lelouch's father talking. It's sick. i can't relax. Is the medicine for laugh?! XD

    Thank you, Selena-san! o/

  2. Oh Norio. You never betray my expectations.
    No matter how good I am in Japanese I will never understand his words XDDDD
    Thank you for the upload <3


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