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王子様 (笑) シリーズ ラジオドラマCD Vol.2 

CD (2013/2/27)
ディスク枚数: 1
レーベル: フロンティアワークス
収録時間: 16 分

「白雪姫」 の王子様 : 中井和哉 `Shirayukihime' no ōji-sama: Nakai kazuya   
「アラジンと不思議なランプ」 の王子様 : 宮野真守 `Arajin to fushigina ranpu' no ōji-sama: Miyano mamoru
「いばら姫」 の王子様 : 小野坂昌也 `Ibara hime' no ōji-sama: Onosaka masaya
「カエルの王子様」 の王子様 : 杉田智和  `Kaeru no ōji-sama' no ōji-sama: Sugita tomokazu
「白鳥の湖」 の王子様 : 遊佐浩二 `Hakuchō no mizūmi' no ōji-sama: Yusa kōji
従者 : 竹本英史  Jūsha: Takemoto eiji

01 第6回ゲスト・「白鳥の湖」の王子様
02 第7回ゲスト・「いばら姫」の王子様
03 第8回ゲスト・「アラジンと不思議なランプ」の王子様
04 第9回ゲスト・「カエルの王子様」の王子様
05 第10回ゲスト・「白雪姫」の王子様
06 座談会
07 キャストトーク

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  1. Yay <3 another funny and romantic chapter of this series!
    Btw, another upload for Selena-san's pleasure!

    PS-can you maybe help me find the series of:
    オナニーお手伝いボイス this? TwT I'm so lost...
    here is the official site if you want to know!

    Always loving your uploads! Have a great day <3

    1. Volume 5 of the OnaVoice series you asked for is in the following link:
      It is the only one I could find - if you find other volumes, please upload.
      Thanks, Sleep Holic, for the uploaded dramas~

    2. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU <3<3<3<3<3 I was actually planning to buy the whole damn series online pretty soon!!!!!! (don't worry I'll upload it as soon as I buy them :3)
      Thank you for the upload!!!! I'll upload all the CDs, though it might take some time.

    3. oh oh and can you tell me where you found the upload?
      if you could post the web address, I will be so much more grateful (/'A')/

    4. oh please i'm looking for this series too! where can i download?


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