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Best Actor:
Kaji Yuuki

Best Actress:
Asami Kana

Best Supporting Actor:
Ono Yuuki,
Suwabe Junichi

Best supporting Actress:
Sayaka Ohara,
Haruka Tomatsu

Newcomer Actress Award:
Ishihara Kaori,
Ōkubo Rumi

Newcomer Actor Award
shimazaki Nobunaga,
Yamamoto kazutomi

Most votes awards :
Kamiya Hiroshi

Presentation / singing personality award:
後ろから這いより隊G [Ushiro kara haiyori-tai G] (Asumi Kana,Matsuki Miyu,Ōtsubo Yuka)
Iwata Mitsuo

Takeshi Aono

Masako Nozawa,
Shinsuke Chikaishi

Tooru Oohira (Oohira Production)
Katsuji Mori (Office Mori)
Mari Okamoto (Freelance)
Noriko Ohara (Production baobab)

Yuji Mitsuya

Megumi Ogata

Mayumi Tanaka

The ceremony will be held on March 2 at 6 pm (Japan time) and will be displayed in the Web Radio Bunka Housou "Chou! A + G".

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  1. I am so HAPPY for Kaji-kun!! He absolutely deserves it!
    I've become a super fan of him during last/this year! ◕‿◕
    He has improved so much! Kaji-kun is always saying that he wants to become like his sempai's.
    Well, now he is even better than the sempai's! And he is looking good. ♡

  2. Really,I thought Kaji Yuki was everywhere and now he gets an award *heart* Of course Iike him a lot. His role as Alibaba (first that came to my mind) is just ~~~~!!!! He's a really great seiyuu. But if I were on f the judges(?), I definitely couldn't settle to choosing just one heheh
    Hm...I have to check the time zone differences... Does web radio mean I can listen to the broadcast online by any chance..or is it just part of the name...? I hope someone can answer me, please! :D

    1. sorry I give wrong answer before. you can watch it here
      click play on the right coloum

    2. Thank you so much!
      I ended up missing it because in Japan it's much later than in my country and I think I caught the ending of something from Natsume Yuujinchou but I'm very grateful that you answered and maybe if I check it out sometimes I'll get to listen to some nice programmes :D. It first asked me some things, I don't even know what I answered. I think one was about gender ,another about year of birth and one about occupation and I got what it said but I totally chose randomly on the one with a lot of choices haha

    3. me too. I pick it on random and registered as tokyo citizen :p

  3. As a listener of only-otome CDs, I realize I don't recognize some names ;w; I'm so ashamed..
    Personally super surprised (AND HAPPY) by Kaji-san's award! Congrats 88888888 <3<3
    Thank you for such valuable info! Really, what would I do without you Selena-san XD

  4. Of course I am happy that my fav seiyuu, Kaji Yuuki, won! For me, his voice had always been unique and how he acts from a very sensitive boyfriend to a sadistic vampire was really fun listening to. I'm looking forward on listening to more of his future releases. As for the other seiyuus, while I was reading the list, it just proved to me that I have a lot of people who I don't know by name but I've already heard them act. -.-' haha

  5. i am so happy for everyone who received the awards. especially for Junichi-san and Hiroshi-san. they are my fave guys. i am also glad for Yuuki-san else. i like him as Alibaba. Mayumi-san really did well as well. i like her work too so much. she's my fave female seiyuu. omdetou gozaimsau minna!


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