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禁断吸血鬼 ~紫薔薇ノ賢者~
Kindan kyūketsuki ~ murasaki bara no kenja ~
Release Date: 2012-12-26
オスカー フォン ヴァイセヘルデンブルク(CV: 黒田崇矢)
Oscar von Vaiseheldenburg (CV: Kuroda Takaya)


第1章:Chapitre Ⅰ.
La maladie à la mort ~死に至る病~
01. 教会での賢者の誘い 
02. 紫薔薇の家
03. 癒しの魔法
04. 唇に痛みは甘く痺れて

第2章:Chapitre Ⅱ.
être, Temps et Vampire ~存在と時間と吸血鬼~(大写显示不出来...网易乃个渣...)
05. 懐中時計の針は巡る
06. 観念論的少年期
07. 囚われて薔薇の街
08. 皇帝、あるいは弁証法的世界精神
09. 流罪
10. 青い薔薇の微笑み

第3章:Chapitre Ⅲ.
Seul, faisant front au destin ~ただ一人、運命の前で~
11. 逃れられない痛み
12. 質問には答えを、姫君には口吻を
13. 目覚め
14. 浄められた誓い

第4章:Chapitre Ⅳ.
Parfois comme un fou ~時には愚者のように~
15. はじめて、夫婦として
16. 吸血鬼の自覚
17. 死が二人を分かつまで

Chanson thème ~テーマソング~

第5章:Chapitre Ⅴ.
Un petit discours ~フリートーク~

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  1. Yay thank you so much! ~

  2. (n-n)..THANK YOU Very MUCH

  3. Oh God Kuroda Takaya is soooooooooo hooooooooooooottttttttt!!! *_*

    1. You got that right. But is it just me or do I hear static sounds occasionally in the drama cd? I hope there will be another 320K version without the static interference.

    2. There is static because the volume of these mp3 files have been raised dramatically. I don't know if it's on purpose by who ever ripped but it causes static. There are a few drama cds on this site with the same problem.

      I'm trying to find alternative 320k copy for Kindan 5 but so far I can only find 128k version with the volume untouched. Believe me the experience is totally different if you listen to untouched version. This guy's voice was so deep and sexy the volume raise really destroys the experience even more so.

  4. THANKS SO MUUCH!!!!!! (/o3o)/ ~<3 ~<3

    Haven't you found Shinsengumi mokuhiroku wasurenagusa 6 yet? >_<
    It's here

    And Merry Christmas and Happy new year~~ :DD

  5. Anyone know the password to 天部衆に癒されCD 第参巻 ~守護神 帝釈天編~ [CV:日野聡]; link:

    I've been trying to find a MF version with 320k, but this one needs a password.

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing it! But, the link doesn't work for me, Do you think you can re-upload or something? Anyways, thanks!!

  7. thx for sharing owo
    I love this series XD

    but isn't it supposed to be von veisenheldenburg (or such) just like the other kindan cds?

    btw did you find Kannou Jikan 9 yet? :<
    I've been waiting for it, but I can't find it anywhere :<
    I found one but I need a premium account for it (and it's the limited edition too T___T)
    I got it from

    1. sorry, I mean Oscar von Vaiseheldenburg >.<
      and for the kannou jikan 9 I can't copy the link somehow :<
      if you search for the tag 感応時間9 you'll find the premium-only DL though :<

    2. I'm looking for those as well, as well as 官能昔話8~お姫様物語~. If anyone has them, please share them with us...T-T

      Thank you and have a prosperous New Year!!!~

  8. Oh my Kuroda Takaya! ^////^
    Thanks for sharing! <3
    How many volumes will this series have?
    Don't know why I thought they were going to stop at Kinda 4 o.o?! hmm~

  9. anyone know the password for unlocking it?

    1. read here :


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