Posted by : Selena Lie Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Joker no Kuni no Alice & Anniversary no Kuni no Alice Image Track
(thanks arcana)

CD 1 
01 -Interlude- Circus
02 Wonderful Wonder World ~joker~
03 くるくる回る
04 -Interlude- Odd Clock
05 知らない街とトランクの中身
06 -Interlude- A Small Child's Prayer
07 Stray Child
08 -Interlude- Smooth Vibe
09 幕間に劇薬
10 Four Seasons
CD 2
01 -Interlude- Again
02 Wonderful Wonder World ~Anniversary~
03 サンシャイン
04 -Interlude- Moon Grass
05 不思議なことに
06 -Interlude- Swing an' Slow
07 潤す一滴
08 Wonderful Wonder World ~St.VD Mix~(Alt Lyrics)
09 Song of Love ~St.VD Mix~
10 Day in Day Out ~St.VD Mix~

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  1. Wow, awesome and thanks, I´ve been searching for some of the songs for quite a while. Now I just wish I had the lyrics XD

  2. Is it possible to upload this image track on another host? I unfortunately can't download from minus :(

  3. Can you please re-new the link? The folder seems to be empty. Thank you.

  4. Please re-new the link !!! It's my favorite Otome game ! Please !

  5. Can you re-new the link? I really need this :c please please!

  6. Is it possible to renew the link? I start to play Alice in the country of anniversary and really like the character design. Thank you~


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