Posted by : Selena Lie Wednesday, 31 October 2012

ノンフィクションシリーズ 第1弾「同居CD」
Release Date: 2012/10/24 

Nakai Kazuya, Toriumi Kousuke, Terashima Takuma, Sugita Tomokazu

It's a true story. All the characters are real. Like the title says, all the people, who became the characters' prototype, was interviewed for the behavior and personality of characters are closely resembling reality. You'll say, "Reality is more wonderful than fiction" while listening to this story about the strangeness of these guys' everyday life. Well, to increase interest in the lives of these men, we say - Would you like to see how goes ordinary life of guys which have not yet known the women?

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  1. Have been waiting for this!

    Thank you so much!!


  2. can i have the password for this file please?

    1. see on

  3. It not BL isn´t it?

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  5. The link is dead already T^T


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