Posted by : Selena Lie Monday, 1 October 2012

ハートサプリメントシリーズ vol.1 涙時間 (遊佐浩二 下野紘)
Release Date: 2012/09/28

Koji Yusa (Shuu)
Hiro Shimono (Yuuya)

Baidu (pw-amnos)
MF (thanks Rena)

Short Review:
Aim of this series is  to heal the heart with voices and music and to give you energy so you can do your best tomorrow! Instead of using whispering voices, the series will use calm voices to give a ‘sense of security’ and ‘vitality’.

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  1. thank you for sharing selena!
    anyone have this now on mf? :)

  2. Thank you so much !!!!

  3. thank you (^^)
    will be waiting for MF

  4. MF link-


  5. Thank you, you're awesome!!

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