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ドラマCD 部長、意外……。 ~高野くんとゆかいななかまたち~

Release Date:2012/07/27


高野望: 石田彰
真壁光: 遊佐浩二
谷川真一: 黒田崇矢
山彦: 戸北宗寛
那須野: 白熊寛嗣
旭日: 木部ショータ
小町: 松岡禎丞
さとちん: 石井智士
女: 福沙奈恵
女性店員: 星野早
店員: 小岩井ことり
Kō yabō: Ishida akira 
Makabe Hikaru: Yusa kōji 
Tanigawa Shin'ichi: Kuroda takaya 
Yamabiko: Tokitamunehiro 
Nasuno: Shirokumahiroshi
 Kyokujitsu: Kibe shōta 
Komachi: Matsuoka Tei Jō 
Sato-chin: Ishii Satoshi 
On'na: Fuku Sanae 
Josei ten'in: Hoshino haya 
Ten'in: Koiwai kotori


Track List
01. 愛をこめて花束を! な話
02. 働く男! な話
03. インナーワールド! な話
04. Brand New Wave Upper Ground ! な話
05. 人にやさしく! な話
06. 完全感覚 Dreamer ! な話
07. ギルド! な話
08. 夜明けの歌! な話
09. 物語はちと? 不安定! な話
10. NEW LIFE ! な話
11. どぉなっちゃってんだよ! なフリートーク

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  1. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

    I find this long time ago...I give up and now....

    I love you


  2. Really want this but the links can't found.
    So sad....;(

  3. links are all dead. please re-upload~ XD

  4. part 1 needs fixing plz >.<

  5. Am I allowed to post external links? Sorry if I am not allowed, but here is a link that I found after searching a little bit.

    The download button is the one with the [下载 208.18M] on it.

    So, here you go if you need the link, and sorry if I wasn't allowed to post this.

    1. no, it's ok ^_^

      can I replace the link on the post with yours?

    2. Thank you for sharing^^
      I was looking all the time all the time and at last found it!

      Glad …
      But I can't defrost it
      Please tell me password;;

  6. what is the password of baidu?

  7. me too,I don't know password of baidu ?
    Please tell me
    but Thank you so much

  8. mee too!!
    password plz

  9. can you re-upload that we can at least extract?
    this is a let down...


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