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逃暴者 ~ユウキ編~


"... Make such a noise. I'm going to hurt"
Young man who suddenly appeared in front of you, Yuki Oba.
That he is being chased by someone, they step in your house and hide yourself one night.
Siren blaring. I do not hear gunshots familiar.
Is it they both been put out, or survive ... with him.
And the purpose of him?

森田成一 as 大庭祐樹
Morita masakazu as Ōba Yūki

no BK
MF  | DF

1. Scene01 最悪な出会い 
2. Scene02 形勢逆転?
3. Scene03 真夜中の起床
4. Scene04 シャワーと洗濯 
5. Scene05 二人でお買い物
6. Scene06-1 対峙 (Happy End)
7. Scene07 出会いから始めよう (Happy End) 
8. Epilogue 青い空と海と白い砂浜 (Happy End)
9. Scene06-2 今度はもっと普通に…(Bad End)

[Bonus CD ]
01. フリートーク

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  1. Thank you for uploading! This sounds interesting - I'll give it a try.

    Also, I do not mean to be rude, but is it okay for me to re-translate the story a little? (translating Japanese to English has become a bit of a hobby of mine) I took a few liberties, but...

    Fugitive ~Yuuki edition~
    "Don't make a noise. You'll get hurt."
    Suddenly a young man appeared in front of you: Daiba Yūki.
    He's being chased by someone and has entered your house to hide himself for one night only.
    The resounding sirens. The unfamiliar sound of gunshots.
    Will you survive together with him, or will the both of you be bumped off...
    And, what is his goal?

    (I took the name from the official site: )

  2. Thank so much for uploading~!
    It seems like some of the tracks are not working. :/

  3. is currently down, it seems. Do you mind sharing the link without clicking through that site temporarily? Thanks!

    1. quite though to change it all.
      comment on where you want to get or mail me, I will give you the links.
      here for tobosho

    2. Thank you so much!!!

  4. NUUH! Suspended account ; _ :!!!! -Dies.-

  5. I have this long time ago and I love to listen to it ! It feels action ! but is there any translation for it ? I really wish to understand !


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