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ドラマCD「ボクたちオトコの娘」~まさかの!ス・キャ・ン・ダ・ル 編~ 
Release Date: 2012/04/25

Shimono hiro ishida akira yonaga tsubasa maeno tomoaki konishi katsuyuki
vol 1-3
by bananamous 

1 Scandal.1 Big news!! 
2 Scandal.2 First impression 
3 Scandal.3 Quarrel 
4 Scandal.4 Bad rumor 
5 Scandal.5 Advice 
6 Scandal.6 Scandal!? 
7 Scandal.7 Cast free talk
8 Bonus

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  1. What is this about?

    1. "僕たち男の娘(Bokutachi Otoko no Ko)", This story is three transvestite boy does an idol activity.
      This is a story that depicts the life story of their idol.

  2. Thanks so much for this! I wish I could find the second installment in this series. So far I only found the first and now this one, which is the third.

  3. It says that it's invalid. Please fix.

  4. Link is invalid. I uploaded all three CDs in this series, including booklets (except for Vol. 3) to 4shared here:

    There will be a 4th CD released on 2013/07/25, I will be sure to share it once I receive my copy since I really enjoy this series. Enjoy!

  5. Is it possible to have it uploaded in a site that doesn't require an account to download?


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